10 Classics from the Prolific Steven Spielberg you can watch on OTT Platforms!

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10 Classics from the Prolific Steven Spielberg you can watch on OTT Platforms!

When you look back at the cinema, one man who constantly changed the dynamics of the industry and tried every single genre out there is Steven Spielberg. The visionary director has worked with all the big names in Hollywood and is known for extracting the best out of his acting and technical talents. Steven Spielberg is not only one of our greatest living filmmakers, but he’s also one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

We at LetsOTT put together a list of ten of his epic classics that deserve your eyes, and where you can watch these films.

Schindler’s List – Netflix

One of the latest additions to the Netflix library in a digitally remastered version, this beautiful tale tells us the story of Oskar Schindler and how he saves the Jewish employees from the horror. Liam Neeson delivers one of his career-best performances in a film that got all the departments right, and ultimately got the Oscars too!

Ready Player One – Netflix and Amazon Prime

Steven Spielberg has always had the knack to make films that are a child at heart but still manage to entertain all ages of the audiences. Ready Player One is one of the best examples at such a stage because it provides tremendous entertainment with mind-blowing graphics and action sequences. It’s a new age phenomenon from a director who has proved himself for years.

Catch Me if You Can – Netflix and Amazon Prime

The real-life story of Frank Abagnale, a man who managed to successfully pull off huge deceptions and had an FBI agent catching his trail and pinning him down. The film features awesome cat-and-mouse sequences and top-drawer acts from Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

The Terminal – Netflix and Amazon Prime

Breaking out from all the action and tension he created, Spielberg broke barriers with The Terminal, a beautiful film that was almost entirely shot inside an airport. Tom Hanks, once again, brought his ace to the fore in an unforgettable film packed with memorable scenes from start to finish.

Back to the Future – Netflix

Spielberg was one of the very first directors to get it right with the time travel concept, and boy he did it so well with a successful franchise in the Back to the Future series. The mere idea of how he strung together the different events in the life of the protagonist is a treat to watch, and it works so well even after these many years.

Indiana Jones Series – Netflix

Only Spielberg could have etched, sketched and executed such a series with the technical advancements and props that he had at that point of time. Whatever level cinema goes to in the future, there will always be a comparison to the Indiana Jones series, which is a benchmark when it comes to adventure films. And who can forget Harrison Ford who was simply brilliant in all the instalments

Jaws – Netflix

This time, Spielberg entered and rocked in the horror space, delivering an astonishing thriller that just had no end to the number of chills that it gave us. The re-watchability factor that it possesses is something of legends, with the score and the mood being maintained brilliantly apart from the terrific performances. The way the director shot this film is an interesting case study for any filmmaker to watch and learn from.

Saving Private Ryan – Netflix and Amazon Prime

Not only is Spielberg’s filmography but one of the greatest movies of all time, Saving Private Ryan is an emotional ride that ranks itself as a huge benchmark for war films in the world. Great performances, amazing cinematography, a fantastic score and more, this one has it all.

Jurassic Park – Amazon Prime

Spielberg brought back the monsters of the past with this amazing, riveting thriller that stitched in familial emotions into an exclusive adventure like no other. The scenes with the T-Rex are some that will never fly away from our minds, and no other sequel can match up to what the director introduced here.


Minority Report – Netflix and Amazon Prime

One of the director’s creations which was way ahead of its time then, but make a lot of sense now. His combination with Tom Cruise paves the way to lots of cool tech gimmicks, a detailed storyline and terrific action sequences.

Steven Spielberg has many big movies such as the 10 we have chosen above. We’re looking back on this acclaimed director’s lifetime behind the lens, listing his brightest critical highlights while inviting you to put together a lineup of your own personal favourites. It’s time for Total Recall!


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