Ishq Aaj Kal – The Joys of upcoming Thrills

Ishq Aaj Kal – The Joys of upcoming Thrills
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It's interesting to learn, how a seemingly uninteresting plot, implausibly hooks viewers. I haven't quite fancied family dramas, but this one relatively steals the cake. The plot of ‘Ishq Aaj Kal gets juicier with every passing season. After witnessing the stupendous success of season 1 and 2, the series recently raised the curtain to its third season. Season 3 premiered on the 6th of September 2019, on ZEE5.
What are the crucial ingredients that have revved the viewer's interest!

Plotting points
Finally, Arshad (Angad Hasija) voices and expresses his feelings for Aaliya (Ankita Sharma). The duo is overcome with emotions and seals their union with a kiss (Please note, the on-screen chemistry till before the kiss is lovely, but the chemistry goes for a complete toss while they're at the act of kissing!).

To ambush the unruly waters, the director ingeniously steers the plot more advantageously to give Aaliya's character the much-required boost. Aaliya begins to sound off the deep-rooted conspiracy behind her father's imprisonment, this time a little more in detail.

Balraj Sahani, is in Mumbai to visit his dear friend Javed (Arshad's father). Balraj Sahanai is none other than that horrendous villain, Barkat Ali Khan. Arshad is oblivious of Barkat's dark side, for he casually introduces Aaliya to him. Aaliya prefers to stay mute about Balraj's keeping to herself, till the time is right. In an attempt of threatening Aliya, and keeping her from Arshad; he gives it up, finally telling Aaliya where she could find her father (Rusil Bangia).

Aaliya makes it to the Masjid just in time for the evening prayers. She spots her father and hollers out to him. She spends a few fleeting moments with her father, and he suddenly disappears. Aaliya is upset, but now even more enthused about learning of the real reasons to her father's imprisonment?

On the business front Javed and his son Ejaaz, very cleverly sidetrack Naaz (Kavita Ghai) from being the major shareholder in the business. This angers Naz extensively, but she remains silent. Her silence sounds off a serious storm!

Naz banks on the opportunity and tells Aaliya of her tight friendship with her mother and father. Naz Advises Aliya to meet with Javed, as only he knew what exactly happened on the night Aaliya's mother's murder took place. Aliya meets with Javed, but she isn't convinced of what he's told her. She hopes to suss out the truth somehow, but an unfortunate event occurs. A masked man kidnaps Javed. Who is he? Ejaaz (Arshad's criminal lawyer's brother) is convinced that Aaliya and Paresh (Kunal Nirola) are involved. But somehow he discovers that it isn't them, and the criminal plants the proof against them.

Who is the kidnapper? What is Faraz (Paras Kalnawat) up to? Why is Aaliya's father keeping from her? The question leaves viewers in a tizzy!

The crew!
Niraj Kumar Mishra, Heena Kohli Khan, and Aarshad Jaffrey have added marvels to the plot in season 3. Pankhuri Gangwal has very thoughtfully added the words, imparting the nuanced essence to the series. Fazal Sheikh and Ajay Pandey's work on post-production has added the desired value. Hanoz VK's cinematography helps views to grapple on every emotion more fittingly.

Pack up!
As a viewer, I'd look forward to season four.

Ishq Aaj Kal (season3) could be rated at a liberal 3.5/5.

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