12 Tamil Films Re-imagined as Blockbuster Web Series!

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12 Tamil Films Re-imagined as Blockbuster Web Series!

The web series game has just started to bloom in South India, with many leading platforms yet to get their first proper show in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and so on. With big directors like Gautham Menon taking steps forward, it instils hope that quality content is on the way to the small screens as well. Looking back at Tamil cinema, we have a huge list of films with big worlds, dynamic characters and proceedings that we could dive deeper into. Before we actually get our hands on some solid content in Tamil, here are 12 favourite Tamil films that have enough space in them to be rebooted as a web series.



Though this film was a remake of the Hindi film Drohkaal, Kamal Haasan’s spectacular adapted screenplay made it a bloody and riveting action drama that introduced the genre to audiences like never before. These many years later, Kuruthipunal still stands strong for the procedurals and the operations that the characters undertake, and will make for a proper police drama in the web-series format. With a longer run-time, the series will have more scope to look into the lives of the two lead characters - Adhi Narayanan and Abbas.


Vaaranam Aayiram

Gautham Menon has made many cop thrillers which have the option of being rebooted as a series, but one story of his that deserves more attention is Vaaranam Aayiram. Feel good dramas that throw the light on multiple relationships are slowly getting a big share of love from the audiences worldwide, so Vaaranam Aayiram’s story could be narrated with loads of detail as a web-series. One would really love to spend some more time with the film’s lovely characters – Krishnan, Malini, Suriya, Meghna and Priya.



Vishnu Vishal’s smashing thriller is a surefire favourite for many around the globe, known for its sumptuous twists and shock value. The series version of the same could indeed continue from the same point that the film ends, with Arun going on to solve more crimes as a cop who relates his work to the filmmaker that he wanted to be. Five seasons with five different ‘ratsasans’ sounds like a good idea, right?


Vikram Vedha

Pushkar-Gayathri blew minds with the near-perfect cat-and-mouse drama in Vikram Vedha, which is one of Tamil cinema’s best films till date. The open ending of the film makes us wish for a reboot as a web-series, with each one of Vedha’s flashbacks being narrated in a separate episode. With loads of room for drama and thrill, we could have a big one here.


Theeran Adhigaram Ondru

H. Vinoth’s exciting police story boasted of epic action sequences and clever moves, but what’s more interesting is the way in which the film ended. If Theeran indeed does come in as a web-series, it could continue to have Karthi as an elderly cop who solves intriguing cases in his surroundings. More brain than brawn, and we will have a different shade of the entire story opening up.



Mani Ratnam reinvented everybody’s favourite childhood tale with his own version of Raavanan, giving us a different perspective on the emotions behind the character. What would work as a web series, however, is an insight into how the character’s childhood shaped up, and the various chronicles that took place in and around the forest.



Magizh Thirumeni’s brilliant murder mystery is a textbook in building tension on a minimalistic scale. The format of the film, which includes live interviews with the cops and recordings from people related to the case, is a great idea for a murder mystery and could be employed for many shows out there. The twisted narrative too, is ideal for the web series format, with the viewers being able to get high at the end of every episode.



Mysskin’s Thupparivaalan is a clean Indian brother of Sherlock Holmes, the ingenious detective who goes around cracking the toughest cases. Just like the British show which is a big hit already, the Tamil audience could be treated with more tricky cases flowing up to Kaniyan Poongundran, which could be capsuled as an episode each or a season on the whole.


Chekka Chivantha Vaanam

Mani Ratnam’s fantastic gangster drama was enjoyed thoroughly by audiences worldwide, but some of them did want more depth in the characters which weren’t explored on the whole due to the shortage of time. If Chekka Chivantha Vaanam does employ the web series format, there is a lot of time and space to delve deeper into the characters of the show, envisioning their activities and showcasing how the whole puzzle came together. With humour, emotion, action and everything else, CCV could be our own Bad Guys.




Thala Ajith’s uber-stylish gangster drama pitched in so many exciting moments that showcased the resurrection of a gangster and his run to unveil the truth. The series version of the same could be remodelled as a sequel where the gangster’s past comes back to haunt the double or a prequel where the early days could be showcased in their finest form.




The all-time favourite of Thalapathy Vijay could easily be spun off into a big-budget anti-terrorism drama, taking place across multiple locations. The entire graph of the film could be modified into the format of a Jack Ryan, with action scenes and thrilling moments galore. This is something we’d really love to see on TV.


Vada Chennai

Vetrimaaran’s masterful gangster drama was painted on a wide canvas, with a truckload of excellent characterizations, blood-curdling moments and raw filmmaking. This is one film that truly deserves a longer runtime, to explore the world that the filmmaker had created and the snake-and-ladder games that take place in full flow. If Vetrimaaran does decide to take his story forward with added detail, it would work way better as a web series. Let’s see how this one goes.

So, which one of these web series ideas excite you the most? Let us know in the comments!


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