13 Reasons Why Season 3 review - Not recommended for all

13 Reasons Why Season 3 review - Not recommended for all
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Till date, 13 Reasons Why has always opened on the note that claimed the show to be a fictional piece of work, aimed to tackle real issues such as sexual assault, substance abuse and other mental health-related issues. This was announced by Justin Prentice and Katherine Langford who play Bryce Walker and Hannah Baker in the series. Alisha Boe, who plays rape survivor Jessica Davis warned that if the viewer is struggling with any of the issues displayed in their content, then maybe the series is not right for him/ her. This was Netflix’s way of sending out a warning and concern simultaneously. In the second and third season, Netflix has introduced a new perspective which may or may not be favourable to all. It is more concentrated on suicide along with other activities such as shooter drills, drug addiction, family separation by ICE. At a very young age, these teenagers give up their faith in institutions we have been taught to trust. It takes courage to know the truth and a lot more of that to partially agree with the characters while keeping your own morals up high, so viewers discretion is strongly recommended. Stop watching the series if you cannot take it anymore. No one is going to judge you. The central mystery of Season 3 was all about finding the killer of Bryce. The answer has its own share of complications. Bryce and Tyler have both been involved in horrific crimes and now they both seek redemption. The nature of crime for both have been different. Netflix clearly understands that a redemption tale for Bryce may not be very pleasant and that’s why showed him as a monster. Throughout the third season, the characters were mainly involved in the discussion that if what happened to Bryce was Karma and if Tyler was capable of changing himself. The funny thing remains that they try to seek justice in every way possible but they still don’t believe in the criminal justice system. Rating: 2/5 (Watch this show on Netflix here)

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