13 Traumatic moments from 13 Reasons Why

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13 Traumatic moments from 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, is one of the most heartbreaking shows in the history of web-series or television for that matter. The series is full of moments that are traumatic like its characters. This series has been in headlines since the release of its 1st season. There were actual cases of suicides after the show was aired on Netflix. This attracted huge criticism for the content it carried that led to the feeling of depression among the teens across the globe especially in the country of United States of America. 
The show has finally ended with their last and 4th season which premiered on Netflix on June 5th, 2020. It’s not about reliving the trauma; it’s about rehashing the moments which throws a great amount of light on matters which shouldn’t have been the case. We picked out 13 most traumatic and beautiful moments across the 4 seasons of 13 Reasons Why, which defined the series of what it is today. 
1. Hannah and Clay at the School Dance (S1)
This was an absolute heartwarming sequence which comes as a relief during an intense season 1. You get to see everyone at the dance and we know nothing is going to be the same later and how everyone’s around are going to be affected by the tragedy. And at the same time, this is that one part of the show where Clay and Hannah exchange some fond memories and open up to each other. But it’s too sad that this sweet moment comes to an end sooner.
2. Clay at Jeff’s house after his tragic death (S1)

Jeff is the rare character from the entire cast of 13 Reasons Why. He was truly a good soul and is the best friend of Clay. Jeff’s parents get a closure when Clay visits them and speaks about the night of the tragic accident. The moment of clarity truly leaves the fans with a lump in their throat because Jeff was too good and gone soon. 
3. Bryce harassing Hannah at the store (S1)
This sequence leaves you speechless. Bryce who is one of the most hated characters of the show despicably bullies everyone around him with no regards to their feelings or emotions. While checking out at the counter of a convenient store we see Hannah and Bryce standing next to each other waiting for their turn. When Bryce is checked out he gropes Hannah. That leaves her in a shock and what follows next leaves you dumbstruck on how a person could be so cold. That scene when she gets out crying after the incident is extremely heartbreaking. 


4. When Clay listens to his tape (S1)
The moment of revelation which leaves Clay numb, because if had seen the signs or spoken at the right time or given a little more attention he could’ve saved Hannah from committing suicide. He regrets to not have given attention when he should’ve, that literally tears him apart inside out. The moment he was dreading since the tapes came into existence hits him hard.
5. Clay confronting Mr Porter (S1)
This sequence comes as the plot twist and reveals that Mr Porter is the 13th reason why Hannah killed herself. Hannah comes to him just before she decides to end her life. When Clay visits Mr Porter and confronts him in those moments you see the disparity of both Porter and Clay of not have done anything to prevent this from happening.
6. Hannah’s rape & her found dead in the bathtub by her parents (S1)
These two incidents leave a deep impact. Because one leads to another and neither of it should’ve happened. The scene where Bryce forces himself on Hannah is something hard to watch. And the scene Hannah’s mother discovers her body in the bathtub just shatters you to pieces. Her cry pierces your soul and leaves you in jitters. The first season was brilliantly crafted with deep-rooted emotions which were otherwise criticized for glorifying suicide and depression. 
7. PTSD and Jessica (S2) 

Post-traumatic stress disorder is the most treacherous thing someone should never go through, but it comes as a curse with the heinous act done. Jessica is trying hard to cope up, just when she thought she could fight through it she realizes that it doesn’t leave sooner as you expect. The scene where she froze inside a trial room at the mall is heartbreaking. 
8. When school is set scot-free despite being guilty (S2)
This sequence was a highlight of the second season where you see how the friends come together and we Hannah’s mother standing her ground to fight for justice. And at the same time, we see Bryce getting arrested for his evil deeds. A lot happens during this scene which leaves a great feeling of hope and justice to be served.
9. Tyler’s rape (S2)
This ending to the second season was way too traumatic and took things a little too far. It’s so brutal that you feel the pain in your bones. The scene was crafted way too graphic and literally leaves you in shivers and haunting for a while. Tyler getting raped by Monty attracted too much of friction from the viewers and got the makers in quite a trouble. Season 2 ending was too stressful and was a perfect follow up for the first season.
10. Hannah’s tape for Bryce (S3)
At this point in the series, that in all the tree season a midge of empathy rises for Bryce’s character. But that doesn’t justify the dreadful acts done by him. But at this juncture, he truly realizes what he has done to Hannah and other girls who he raped including his own girlfriend. This definitely changes the way he thinks and when he confesses to Tony you can see a ray of hope about this character.
11. Bryce’s tape for Jessica (S3)
This tape is heard by everyone as Jessica plays it to the whole gang. After hearing the tape everyone seems to be stunned by the contents of it and they start to see Bryce as a different person from what he was. That doesn’t mean they’ve forgiven him but at least they get a feeling that there was room for remorse. And these words came from Bryce beyond his grave. 
12. Bryce’s killer revealed (S3)
It came as a shock to everyone when the actual truth comes to light. Obviously we assume few characters with motive must’ve killed him but in the end the person who ends Bryce’s life was shocking. Alex who has all his feelings bottled up all this while lashes out when Bryce threatens to ruin Zach’s life for beating him up. That’s when Alex throws Bryce over the bridge killing him instantly. Season 3 was kind of deal-breaker it didn’t keep up to the previous 2 seasons but drag itself to prove worthy enough.
13. Season 4 was entirely depressing
Season 4 seemed like it was done for the sake of writing the series of. The entire season was taxingly depressive. I couldn’t find even one instance which we could pick for a nice memory or a traumatic sequence. The last season was assassinating its characters brutally in all aspects. But yes one there was one sequence which actually made sense, it was none other the drill at the school, post which Clay has a meltdown and speaks sense into the authorities. Sometimes few series are better left off in between or ended when the time is right than spoiling it for the sake of raking in money.
You must’ve noticed I have picked mostly from 1st season, that’s because it’s my favourite and near-perfect compared to the following seasons. 13 Reasons Why is one of those series which started off with great potential and was worn out by its creators with no direction or sense of writing, although it did leave a traumatic impact enveloped with a handful of sweet memories which will make you love this series despite its tragic end. 
Let us know your opinion on the same, list your good and the traumatic moments while watching 13 Reasons Why in the comments.

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