13RY Actor unveils the Million Dollar Question

Jeya Suriya -

13RY Actor unveils the Million Dollar Question

13 Reasons Why, the most controversial high school drama released their finale on  Netflix last Friday. The show within two days of time became the #1 trending show on the American streaming behemoth's Top 10 Trending list. Since this is the finale, the show is making headlines in meme pages and news portals. 

13 Reasons Why, which is adapted from Jay Asher's book always has 13 Episodes in the last three seasons. Whereas, the 4th season which released on Friday alone has got ten episodes. Worldwide aficionados were put in extra trauma with the reduction in the number of episodes. (As already the show offers much-needed hysteria for a person in life)

Devin Druid the actor who plays the role of Tyler down in the show has given an explanation to the million-dollar question in a recent interview. 

Druid explained, "The 4th Season being the finale, is more of a withdrawal from the other seasons. The reduction in the number of episodes had a pivotal catalyst that propelled the personas. This season's finale just dispenses a glance at everything all these figures have gone through, and the narrative comes from how they respond to all of that. So this season goes the opposite way, which I think is amusing.”

He concluded, “We were fortuitous that Netflix approved us to have these many seasons and write a substantive conclusion." He also feels that not every show has that same gratification and the 13RY team is grateful for the Production's approach.

13 Reasons Why, one the most-watched show worldwide is closing the book on Liberty High School’s legacy of trauma and giving its characters a “proper sendoff.”

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