16 review : SonyLiv's web series gets predictable

16 review : SonyLiv's web series gets predictable
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If you're a cinephile, or if have been familiar with the concept of movies, you will be able to tell how the series ends, because it doesn't have the web series feel, but more of a regular Hindi soap opera feel, which has a purpose but fails to deliver the message due to lack of proper direction, delivery of dialogue and good writing.
Everything about 16 feels like as if the characters in the movie knows that they are doing a movie for a social cause, and does not seem like a chain of real events being shown on screen.
 They have video evidence to prove their point, like yes, I know I will be raped and killed tomorrow and my death will be falsely framed as suicide, so let me leave a video note to my mother specifically stating that I love her and I am not frustrated with my life at all, basically throw away all the plot points.
Characters in their show leave video proof for every little thing they do and that's when things become unrealistic. Because when have we in real life confessed on video that we love our mom and we know she is upset with the physical condition of her sister?
There's a thin line between good scripts and good concepts, and one needs a strong dosage of both to deliver a web series based on such a serious issue that has been troubling not just India, but every women in the world.
Rating : 1 star.

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