Line Of Descent – A quintessential for every Indian family

Line Of Descent – A quintessential for every Indian family
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The Indian family values are very entrenched. The values root upward. Even in the line of business, these values root upward bearing fruit in a form of augmented numbers. ZEE5 recently launched their original film, ‘Line of Descent’. The movie has been streaming on the platform since the 4th of December 2019.

‘The Line of Descent’ is a ZEE5 original film that embodies these stayed family values in the lives of land mafia. The Sinha family residing in the capital city of Delhi are famed in the underworld for carrying out organized crime. These crimes are ambushed by a certain electronic business that the family runs on the surface to dust away from the necessities’ of the dark black underworld. Bharat Sinha (Prem Chopra) heralded the business. He commenced the business in lieu of avenging his brother’s death. Bharat’s brother Prithvi died as he met with a terrible accident. This forced his brother (Bharat) to sell their famed eatery to collect the amount to pay the hospital bills. But sadly the money didn’t arrive, and Bharat lost his brother. From then on, making money any which way became his mainstay, and Bharat plunged neck-deep in the world of organized crime. As time drew near, Bharat feared the family’s future. Three sons survived Bharat, to continue with the ‘Line of Descent’. The eldest was Prithvi (Ronit Roy), Siddharth (Neeraj Kabi), was impatient and the reckless second and Suraj (Ali Haji) was the knife and innocent third.
Prithvi was the law-abiding one. He was balanced and knew that his father’s business could land the family into a lot of trouble. On Bharat’s death, Prithvi encourages his brothers to take a back seat, and withdraw from the dark ways of the underworld. But Siddharth has other plans. He wants to start fresh with his girlfriend Rachel and try his hand in the business of arms and ammunitions. Prithvi dismisses the idea, which costs him his life. On his death, Siddharth takes over and encourages Suraj to join him. Suraj is against joining his brother, and is protected by Charu (An Alaskan immigrant), a role essayed by Brenden Fraser. Before Prithvi died he brought Charu’s loyalty in lieu of protecting his youngest brother.
Using tact Suraj approaches, officer Raghav (Abhay Deol) to nab Siddharth and his misdoings. He also gets Siddharth to confess about who murdered Prithvi.

Prem Chopra’s act was classic and straight out of the ’50s. However, it did little justice to the contemporary way of Ronit Roy and the others. There were vivid traces of either over-performance from the revered senior actor or under-performance from the younger cast. Something about balancing the act was not on point. Charu’s character was dark and amusing all the same. It seems like he was replicated out of Gregory David Robert’s novel, ‘Shantaram’. His performance was bucolic much to the appeal of the part that he plays most convincingly. Abhal Deol played his part well, but honestly, he barely played any part. He is such a very fine actor, and if moulded well by the director, one can suss out a lot more potential from the Dev D star! The plot can certainly entice one, but the direction paled in comparison to the plot. Just thinking out loud! When you’ve got some superstars to work with you, an average plot can be maneuverer into something more riveting.

Would rate this at not more than 3/5.

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