20 Indian web-series to watch on YouTube!

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20 Indian web-series to watch on YouTube!

No need to struggle through the TV guide, and no need to buy expensive subscriptions. Some of the best series out there are accessible on one of the most common services in the world - Youtube! A bunch of smaller media houses and other up-and-comers have uploaded original content on their Youtube channels, and we’ve picked the ones that are definitely worth your time 

(Disclaimer: We haven’t included super popular shows like Little Things and Yeh Meri Family which were eventually picked up by other services, neither have we included shows that initially debuted on Youtube but aren’t available there any longer).

Adulting by Dice Media

Coming-of-age stories are always great for a laidback watch, and Adulting is definitely one of them. The five-episode series follows two girls who have to now look into the challenges of being responsible adults in the city. Though not entirely relatable, it is a fun series to watch, with special thanks to the lead pair of Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama.
Girl in the City by Bindaas

Mithila Palkar might have caught everybody’s heart with the highly popular show in Little Things, but Girl in the City is one that you shouldn’t miss either. The emotional yet fun-filled show packs in a big bag of interesting events, following an intern who has to make do with her rude boss. Right from when it arrived, the show has received loads of love from people who have seen it.
Home Sweet Office

With lovely life lessons and a likeable lead duo, Home Sweet Office takes a look into the events that take place when the office becomes home, due to a work-from-home situation. Relevant to the current situation, this could be a show that you’d really dig into if you manage to get past the product placements.


The Breakup Consultant by Navika Factory

For those looking for a quality Telugu web series, The Breakup Consultant is the go-to. The series takes a cursory look at the different kinds of break-ups that youths go through these days, narrating the incident through the main man who runs a consultancy service to counsel those in need. There are a lot of quirky touches throughout the show, making it interesting.
Nenu Mee Kalyan by Chai Bisket

Before Viswant Duddumpudi landed himself a good role in Nani’s Jersey, he played the lead in this funny and efficient web series about an RJ looking for true love. Though some of its turns are cliché, the show succeeded in garnering a good amount of attention. It even has a cameo appearance by the popular Telugu hero, Sai Dharam Tej.


Livin’ by Put Chutney

Livin’ is not only the best Tamil web series on YouTube, but it also qualifies as one of the best series to ever come out in the Tamil language. Put Chutney struck it right with this jolly, old-fashioned rom-com that had loads of laughter – with a superb lead pair in the form of Kanna Ravi and Amrutha Srinivasan.
Control Alt Del by Put Chutney

IT engineers would definitely be able to relate with this free-flowing web series, which comes with a nice cast. Four software engineers and their personal, as well as professional problems, collide here, leading to some interesting situations and events. The series takes a standard viewpoint on relationships but is enjoyable nevertheless.
Aaha Kalyanam by Unakkennapaa

One of the Tamil web-series which truly managed to grab a lot of attention, even though it was based on the tried-and-tested love vs marriage concept. Narendra Prasath – the actor playing the lead makes it very entertaining, with the show managing to provide enough to keep one pinned for the whole set of 15 episodes.
Emergency by Put Chutney

With a good balance of fun and social drama, Emergency tracks the stories of 3 doctors who work at a hospital together. Showcasing their struggles, happy moments and life learning, it plays out as an emotional drama that ticks all the boxes. The three lead actors are great fits to the roles.
Kalyana Samayal Saadham by Black Sheep

No, don’t confuse yourself with the feature film of the same name. Comedian Anbu Thasan (Kolamaavu Kokila and Adithya Varma) featured in this highly entertaining web show that basically brings us the travel of three characters. With many hilarious moments and a gorgeous Teju as the female lead, there are lots to enjoy here.


Kota Factory

Emerging as one of the highest-rated web series of the year, TVF’s Kota Factory is one of the best things to watch on Youtube right now. Created by Saurabh Khanna and directed by Raghav Subbu, it stars current web-series darling Jeetu and is a biting satire on capitalism within our education system, especially at coaching centres and the race to enter significant engineering colleges. But essentially, it is a story of friendships that last forever. 

What the Folks

Dice Media’s What the Folks seems simple at the onset - the story of an urban young couple who get an unexpected visit from the girl’s parents, much to the chagrin of the new son-in-law. What could possibly go wrong? Well… it seems that in the pursuit of creating a good impression, everything does. What the Folks packs subtle humour with immensely charming performances from an ensemble cast which makes all the seasons (3, so far) worth watching in a binge.  


Three university flatmates form a midnight food delivery service in Baked, which was certainly the right show at the right time. Delhi University is often stereotyped to be the hub for an extreme of aimless meandering youth whose only skill is to light up doobies. Well, that happens here as well. But with meaningful and ambitious characters with real motivations, this is one misadventure that hits close to home for young people everywhere. 


Operation MBBS

We can’t remember the last time India did a good medical show (and the soaps on TV moonlighting for medical dramedies hardly qualify). Don’t be fooled, there are hardly any surgeries and dissections, but there is still very real academic pressure for three unique medical students in their first year. It’s fun, it’s funny and it’s real. 


Everything seems to be perfect in the life of Isha, the protagonist of Zoom Studio’s cutesy Imperfect until it isn’t. She’s had plans of her career, marriage, life set out since forever and then everything goes wrong. Enter a fairy godmother. The Cinderella story for the Indian girl-next-door is packed with witticisms and hilarity galore. But the most important part is that the lesson isn’t to have a perfect life, but to find perfections in its imperfections. 

Ladies Room

Do you even know what it’s like to be a woman, that too in India? Well, look no further because Y Films tells you, and how. Ladies Room is an unapologetic middle finger to regressive notions of femininity and hollow rules of patriarchy. Starring Shreya Dhanwanthary and Saba Azad, it starts off in a washroom, and that’s really all you need to know to know that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill series. 


Bang Baaja Baaraat

The big fat Indian wedding is an enigma in itself, especially if the groom and the bride’s family haven’t a) met each other before, and b) are as different as night and day. Pawan and Shahana seek the blessings of his conservative small-town family and her bohemian modern family (with current and former boyfriends galore). And the thing is… their families may just survive it, but will they?


Cheers - Friends. Reunion. Goa
Five years after passing out of college, four friends reunite in the ‘reunion paradise’ Goa to share their experiences from the time they’ve lost out on together. Patralekhaa, Aditya Kumar, Vijay Verma, Jatin Sharma and Aman Uppal give powerful performances in this nostalgic ride. The execution is a bit elusive but at its core is a story that will surely make you want to call your friends or organise a trip. 


Love on the Rocks

We’ve had our own version of Modern Love, for those who were hoping to see one. Men’s XP made a short anthology series on the various facets of urban millennial love and most of the stories are as resonant and insightful as you can possibly imagine. Yes, they are ridden with cliches but what else is love. The light look at what makes a relationship tick in a fresh episode each time makes this one binge-worthy.  


The Reunion

Another one from Zoom Studios, The Reunion is yet another, well… reunion show. However, this time, it’s four best friends from school who are found under one roof after 10 years. Starring Sapna Pabbi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Anuj Sachdeva, and Veer Rajwant Singh, The Reunion has immensely relatable characters, many instances of real pain and loss amidst the comedy, a great supporting cast, and real pangs for the school life. 

So,  what are you waiting for? Enjoy these easy-watches which are perfect for the whole family. For more such lists, log on to LetsOTT.


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