3 Roses (2021) Review

An okayish sitcom

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3 Roses (2021) Review

What is the story about?

The 4-part series essentially revolves around the lives of three individual women who take contrasting approaches towards life. The narrative is mostly based on the life experiences of these ladies and it is presented from their point of view.


3 Roses is promoted as one of Aha Video’s flagship outings. Ace filmmaker Maruthi penned the story for the series. There are glimpses of Maruthi’s trademark situational comedy spread sparingly through the course of the series. The bridal glimpses sequences progress along on a predictable note but they tickle the funny bone here and there. Eesha Rebba is the pick of the lot as she comes up with a fine performance. Payal Rajput puts on a glamour exhibition wherever possible. Poorna goes a tad overboard.
3 Roses is a partly gripping sitcom narrated from the female leads’ point of view. While it doesn’t offer anything substantial novel as far as the storyline goes, the occasionally gripping narrative makes sure that the series makes for an okayish watch. The slapstick comedy works to an extent, but the formulaic approach and rather predictable screenplay don’t help the cause.
The track pertaining to the complications in the personal lives of the three ladies looks artificial. A fresher approach would have done the trick. The series is yet another middling OTT series rolled out by Aha.


Eesha Rebba shoulders the series with her fine performance. Payal has limited screen time and there isn’t much of a scope to display her acting prowess. Poorna doesn’t look at ease with her character. Viva Harsha, a stereotypical comical lad is good. The supporting cast deliver what is expected of them.

Music & Other Departments

The background score is of decent quality. There is one song in the series and it is a Hindi-language one. It sounds good. The cinematography is of standard quality and so is the editing.


  • Situational comedy
  • Fine performances


  • Formulaic approach
  • Weak ending

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, in parts.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, but keep your expectations strictly in check.

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