3 Roses (2021) Series Review

If you are looking for something that will chuckle you up and work as time pass material, look no further.

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3 Roses (2021) Series Review
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What is the story about?

3 Roses deals with the story of three women who have very different approaches and ideologies in life, and how they come into terms and land on the same page.


3 Roses is penned by filmmaker Maruthi, and there are expectedly a lot of strokes of his comedy throughout the series. The series never takes itself too seriously, and banks on the flowering characters of the lead trio, walking forward with slapstick comics which are mildly enjoyable. The best part about the series is in how it gets the viewpoints of the female characters right, even though the travel that they go through is not perfect in totality. However, 3 Roses surely offers good entertainment for its viewers, through its lightweight, jolly pattern that takes the proceedings through very smoothly. 



Eesha Rabba is the star of the show and has a superb role to play as well, doing justice to it. The series runs ahead on her character who is always presented with a spoon of sugar. Payal Rajput does not have a meaty role to play, and does a fine job with her characterisation, though limited in length. Poorna is the least impressive of the three and looks a little uncomfortable in a modernly built character. The supporting cast fit the bill. 

Music & Other Departments

3 Roses is visually bright and has the necessary elements to keep the momentum rolling in terms of what we get to see. The music in the series shines with one good track and some decent cues in the background score. 


The situational comedy in the series is great to watch.


For those looking for a strong storyline, this may not suffice as it is made as a jolly, entertaining watch.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This was a good stress buster.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you are looking for something that will chuckle you up and work as time pass material, look no further. 

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