30 Tamil film producers rally behind Suriya, supporting his move to release Ponmagal Vandhal directly on OTT

30 Tamil film producers rally behind Suriya, supporting his move to release Ponmagal Vandhal directly on OTT

Beleaguered Tamil actor and film producer Suriya has found much-needed support, with 30 Tamil film producers publicly coming out in support of his decision to forego theatrical release for his much-delayed Jyothika-starrer Ponmagal Vandhal and release it directly on OTT. 

To our credit, it was LetsOTT that first broke the news of Ponmagal Vandhal releasing directly on OTT, on Amazon Prime Video, to be precise. 

The breaking news created a furore in the entertainment industry. A much-touted film releasing straight on OTT is quite simply an unheard-of thing in the tightly-knit Tamil film world. Most significantly, Suriya faced a backlash from the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, that has threatened to ban Suriya and Jyothika's movies from releasing in theatres in the future. 

Citing absolute support for Suriya's decision, the film producers have released a joint statement asserting that they must have the right to release small and medium budget films directly on OTT platforms. 

The joint statement reads, “With the development of OTT (Over the Top) technology, many new films started coming out worldwide directly on this platform. Post the lockdown due to corona in the country, many OTT platforms have started acquiring small and medium budget films for direct OTT premiere, which we all have to welcome wholeheartedly."

"The balance films can release properly too. Like that there are so many benefits we can enjoy by allowing the OTT premiere of small-medium budget films and hence this step by OTT players must be welcomed by all of us. We must request OTT players to acquire many small and medium budget films, which are struggling to release or stuck due to this lockdown."

The statement further states, “A Film Producer who has invested his money, has all the right to exploit his film in every possible way by selling the rights available for his film, to recover his investment so that he or she can continue in the film business.”

“For the film industry to operate smoothly, the three key stakeholders (producers, distributors and theatre owners) must work together in unison and take decisions in the best interest of the industry. We strongly request that no individual film trade association should take any decision and announce it unilaterally, which may hurt the interest of a film producer, who is trying to protect his business.”

Though it is just 30 Tamil film producers who have come out publicly in support of Suriya now, we're sure more producers will join the list of supporters in the coming days. 

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