422% of Increase in Netflix Users from Rural India.

Jeya Suriya -

422% of Increase in Netflix Users from Rural India.

Netflix beats Facebook and Youtube amongst Rural India Netizens. 

Internet infiltration in India has progressed in the past few months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has also helped citizens to become netizens, especially in rural areas. A report from CSC e-Governance Services claims that data consumption in BharatNet fibre backbone connected panchayats, spiked to 150 Terabytes (TB) in May 2020. The same report tells us that it was just 55 TB in Jan 2020.

The data released also give us a pageant that in March 2020, more than 300K subscribers registered for a fibre-to-home connection under the BharatNet programme. So by March 2020, 1.2 Million users have subscribed to this WiFi facility administered by the Indian Government.

CEO of CSC e-Governance Services Dinesh Tyagi spoke to a Popular Media that with BharatNet being utilised by taxpayers through the public service kernels, internet usage in pastoral areas has risen significantly.
Tyagi credits the COVID-19 lockdown for this billow. 

The same report suggests that Netflix, the American based streaming portal is gaining more audience in rural India during this lockdown. According to the CSC data, YouTube was consumed the most by rural India, followed by Facebook and Netflix in March 2020.

Interestingly, the growth rate is 422% for Netflix during this period when compared to January 2020. Whereas, it is 219% and 374% on Youtube and Facebook respectively. Amazon Prime, Instagram, Zoom, Webex and Twitter were among the top 10 most handled applications in provincial India during this season besides the above three.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently acknowledged the fact that the number of netizens in the country is more bounteous in rural areas than in cities. Modi also added, “The administration schemes have led to associating the hiatus between the citizens of metropolitan and pastoral experiences. For the first time, internet consumers in agricultural areas have outnumbered municipal residents by 10%.”

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