47 Days Review : A Misfired Cop Story

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47 Days Review : A Misfired Cop Story
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Satya, a Suspended Cop, who lost his wife in mysterious circumstances, unexpectedly gets hold of a case which relates to his wife's death. He's starts investigating which eventually hunts down his past and brings chaos in his life. How Satya solved the mystery surrounding him forms the rest of the story.

Format: Movie
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: U/A
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Language: Telugu
Digital Premiere Date: 30 June 2020


Zee5, the Streaming Service of one of the Indian Subcontinent's leading broadcaster has been continuing to procure films and release them online as Direct OTT. A few weeks back Nawazuddin's Ghoomkeetu released and many Tamil films with prominent stars have been promoted with their release dates of them on Zee5. This week, unusually at the beginning of the week we have got 47 Days to give out our opinion.

What's the story about?
Sathyadev Kancharana who plays the role of an ACP Sathya loves Padma (Roshini Prakash) since school and marries her. Also, on his professional front, he works very uprightly which eventually brings him problems. In the same day, a big entrepreneur and also the wife of Sathya dies by suicide and Sathya tries to hunt down the criminals connecting the dots. In the process, Christina (Pooja Jhaveri) drops out a trace to the Police and it helps the suspended ACP, Sathya to find out. The remaining plot is how he unsolves the suicide mystery and the reason for the death of two souls. (You can neither be angry that it is a usual storyline nor be thankful it does not have a Split Personality twist in the end)

Despite the film falling into Thriller genre, the film is not backed by a stronger screenplay and hence the performances from all the characters except the lead star are wretched. Sathya who has been working in films of experienced directors is the only guy who you will be able to see perform in the film. But, unfortunately, as the screenplay does not give much scope, his exhibits fall apart.

Music and Other Departments
This kind of anecdote demands the composer to create serious and elevating tunes. But, the music in the film is jarring making the experience even more vexatious. There are a couple of songs as well which are unhummable. AVID and Red dragon teams have just done what is required as there is no consequential storyline or screenplay for them to work on. 

Highlights in this film can be counted as - "Louef"

Detriments can be listed out if there are a few ones but it can't be if the basic idea of the film itself is asinine. In respect to this film, it falls in the latter place. The film has too many cringy scenes and there are few scenes where we have seen more than a ton time in various cinemas.

This film is a thesaurus for how a bad cop film can be made in the history of cinema. With an accustomed plot and half-baked screenplay tried out unconventionally lead the personas of the film for vile performances which eventually gives us a third-rated headache. The film should have been worked out in many stages to make it consider a film. With what I say, it is undoubtedly nothing short of an aspiring college student's short film made out in a big budget. I also have a doubt on why the film is titled 47 days when they show the happenings of only 5 days!

Do I recommend?
Sure, if you feel you need a Headache in life. Else, don't even google about it.


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