5 Unknown Facts about Premam to Celebrate 5 Years of Premam

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5 Unknown Facts about Premam to Celebrate 5 Years of Premam

Premam. In Malayalam, it means to love. But to all the cinema fans out there, the film is something which made people fall in love with the Mollywood Industry. To be precise, all the cinephiles out there started to follow the Industry only post the release of the film. So, if you are reading this article and if you haven't watched the film yet, please stop whatever you are doing (you already would have enough time to do other things in Lockdown) and watch the film right away which is streaming now in Hotstar.

Premam directed by Alphonse Puthren, has Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi, Anupama Parameshwaran and Madonna Sebastian in lead roles. The film released on the same day back in 2015 with gigantic expectations as the songs were chartbusters even before the release of the film. Rajesh Murugesan who had previously worked with Alphonse in Neram. Rockstar Anirudh had sung a song called Rockaan Kuththu and it was circulating online in TN that it was a song from Ajith's Vedalam as the lyrics were completely in Tamil. Many of us might not know that a promo song in Super Deluxe was edited by Alphonse. Also, he was the editor for his two films. 

There might be 730 other articles about Premam, but at LetsOTT we thought we would bring you 5 Least Known Facts about Premam to celebrate 5 years of the Malayalam Classic. Let's go!

DQ was supposed to be Georgettan
Dulquer Salmaan who is a contemporary actor to Nivin Pauly was the first choice of director Alphonse Puthren. The director has told it yesterday in an interview. Due to the situation and various reasons Dulquer could not do the role of George. How many DQ fans out there feel sad for this golden opportunity missed?

Police Department's Operation Gurukulam
For the first-ever time in the history of South Indian Cinema, the police department formed an Operation which is termed as Operation Gurukalam. The operation was formed based on the request of Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University that many students from schools and colleges are bunking their academics to watch the film. So, according to the operation, any student found out the theatre will be taken to the college or school in which they study. This level of craze has never been there for any film down in South India.

300 days in Sathyam Cinemas.
The film is unquestionably a blockbuster in Kerala whereas, in Chennai, the movie ran for 300 days continuously at the state's most iconic centre - Sathyam Cinemas. Premam is the only film to have ran for 300+ days in the 21st Century. Every movie maniac out there in Chennai should have watched the film for more than thrice in theatre.

17 Stars were introduced in the film
There's a fact that Tamil Blockbuster Thuppaki did not just give Tamil cinema millions of money, it also gave strong technicians like Ajay Gnamuthu, Justin Prabhakaran and many more. Whoever worked in the film as an assistant, is now a leading technician in the Industry. Similarly, the 4 Crore budgeted Premam, has given South India 17 Stars. All the 17 had their debut in Premam. It includes all the 3 female leads Sai Pallavi, Anupama Parameshwaran and Madonna Sebastian. Another least known trivia is Anjana Jayaprakash who played the role of Jayalalitha in her biopic was supposed to do the role of Madonna Sebastian in Premam.

Mollywood overtook for the first-ever time
Suriya's Mass released along with Premam in Kerala and the opening day collection of Premam was higher than Mass which is an unusual thing in Kerala. Usually when there is a simultaneous release of Malayalam films with bigger star Tamil films, always the Tamil film would dominate at the Box Office. It was a record back then that Premam overtook Mass and shook the both Industries. It is also to be noted that Premam was not screened for a few days due to piracy controversies in Kerala.

Premam is what it is due to its simple, unconventional and humorous treatment in the screenplay which looked very fresh. The movie would look fresh even if you watch the film for 430 times in a Decade. Alphonse has written, conceived, shot, edited and released it with such conviction that the film is a trending material even today. Cheers to many more years of Premam.



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