When young Kabir Sajid Shaikh enters his house one fine evening, he realises that his bathroom shower knob can take him back and forth in time. Not able to find his parents and the maid at home, he decides to turn the shower knob to go back in time and see what occurred before he arrived.  He sees his mother searching for her ring and blaming their maid for stealing it, she also doubts that her husband may have given it to their maid, In another part of the time travel, Kabir also sees his father and the maid leaving the house together. Will Kabir go further back in time and find the ring? and can he actually time travel ? are the two questions that are answered in this 15 minutes adorable short film.

Written and Directed by Shubham Yogi, Glitch is the cutest time travel movie I have watched, the entire movie is written form a perspective that most kids or even adults imagine..  Kabir Sajid Shaikh is the solo star of the movie, and does his usual best while Mona Singh, Faisal Rashid and Vinita Joshi fill in the spots of Mother, Father and Maid respectively. They are convincing with their expressions, given that they each have only a couple of lines that are repeated during every time travel instance. The background score by Karan Malhotra is in sync with sweetness of the film and doesnt give it a thriller vibe.

Published on 18th April 2018, by Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) on YouTube, this movie makes about relationships from a kids point of view enveloped in the mystery of time travel and makes for a good watch.
Rating 4/5
Reviewer Name:   William Rebello

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