98% Increase in OTT Ads on TV. Here's a detailed Report

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98% Increase in OTT Ads on TV. Here's a detailed Report

The 80 Days lockdown caused by COVID-19 brought the Indian Subcontinent to a standstill. Out of the hundred other mediums, the pandemic also banged publicity and advertising mediums as well. Especially there is a major blow in ads on OOH, theatres and print mediums. Fortunately, the distress in the above mediums has worked in favour of the Television Medium. Promoters, especially the 2020 boomed-up OTT pulpits which used the theatres and prints for their marketing and advertising, have now moved to Television.

According to a report on the advertising of OTT platforms on television, the ad packs of the OTT platforms grew 98 per cent in Jan-May 20 as compared to Jan-May 2019. Another report also claims the total count of OTTs has increased from 24 to 41 in the same time-frame.

Analysts assume besides the nonexistence of broadcasting mediums, other determinants that led these OTTs to promote on television more were the rapid increase in the hours' people spend on digital and also the lack of original content on tv.  

Another data suggests that Smartphone usage is up by 10% since April and the time spent on movies via smartphone has expanded by 48%.  A Mumbai based analysts state, "Given that this is the time they can bring in new users, they have begun advertising in Televisions”.
Another fascinating addition was that the increase in the number of OTTs by 50% in May 2020 as compared to January 2020. It was 22 in Jan whereas it became 33 in May. A Delhi based data suggests that 25 new OTT players have promoted on TV in this year alone. Disney + Hotstar has alone taken up the 24% of Ads claim the same data.

Though there is a raise in the OTT ads, the advertising business is still in disaster as the FMCG Players who are the majority advertisers are down with their business during this pandemic. "These, boom up in advertising of OTTs would not raise the ad-card rate as most of them advertise with their parent companies. So, I don't see them as advertisements but they are just inner adjustments" declares another Chennai based Analyst.

Top Five OTT platforms that advertised on television in Jan- May 20 are,

Disney+Hotstar - 24%
Amazon Prime 15%
Zee5 14%
Voot 12%
Hotstar 8%  

It is noted that comparing the above data with data of Jan-May 2019 MX Player and Netflix are refraining from this game this year.


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