Aakashavaani (2021) Review

An innovatively staged tale that impresses with its intentions

Siddarth Srinivas -

Aakashavaani (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Aakashavaani brings about a new twist to the classical Hiranyakashipu tale, bringing us the story of how people in a lesser-known village react when they come across a radio which they interpret as God. 


Debutant director Ashwin Gangaraju makes a very unique and innovative tale out of Aakashavaani, which is a film that not just explores a different community, but also takes a cool concept and sees how it will work in a bygone era. The film takes some time to find its foot, as it gets busy establishing the milieu and the basic set of characters, and only then starts to arrive at the real equation. Aakashavaani makes use of interesting scenarios for its characters, who can make us invest our attention into what’s happening, thereby taking the film forward smoothly. Though the film’s culmination is not as convincing as it should be, there is a lot in it to like despite the slow pace that it maintains. 


Once again, Samuthirakani proves his weight as an actor in a role that does not demand him to do too much, but at the same time, is easy to overdo like some of his Tamil outings. The film has a wonderful support cast that has characters who come in for just a few minutes, but ensure that they have our attention. Mime Madhu and Master Prashanth are few names that deserve a mention. 

Music & Other Departments

Kaala Bhairava gives the film a new color with his interesting approach to his music, which has more concentration on the background score. The editing is on point, with the cinematography covering similar locales in a different mood every time. 


The entire idea about the core of the film is very interesting. 


The film’s pacing might be a worry for many, it is not up to the pull of a commercial entertainer. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, in parts. The idea behind the film is worth a discussion. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you are someone who goes in and appreciates new storylines and such experiments, Aakashavaani will interest you. Bear its pacing though. 

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