Aanum Pennum (2021) Review

Totally underwhelming anthology that offers little off nought

Siddarth Srinivas -

Aanum Pennum (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Aanum Pennum showcases three stories of strong women who come and face vulnerable men, and how their transformations in life come through. Being a collection of 3 stories, the films shift the focus onto the events that would have acted as major changeovers in the lives of the women portrayed. The three stories take place over a period of three different timelines, with different mindsets and backdrops coming into play. 


Aanum Pennum has a nice concept where the idea of women empowerment isn't brought forth on the face, but stitched into the idea of the entire film itself. However, the trio of directors who come in to project their ideas fall back on the basic skeletons of the films in themselves, failing to pave way to surprising moments, interesting narratives or at least good closures. While there are sparks shown here and there in Aashiq Abu’s film Rani, which is the last of the lot, the other two films suffer from a sense of familiarity and a ‘so-what’ feeling. 


Samyuktha Menon is the only saving grace of the first film Savitri. In the second film Rachiyamma, Asif Ali does a fine job but it is Parvathy who irritates one and all with a rather obscuring performance where everything including a laugh feels overdone. The final film in Rani is short but has neat performances from Roshan Mathew and Dharshana Rajendran, including a likable cameo from Nedumudi Venu as well. 

Music & Other Departments

Bijibal’s music for Aanum Pennum isnt great, but it does show promise especially in the opening number. The cinematography across the 3 films is neat, delivering what is required. 


The final film being better than the rest gives a sigh of relief.


Aanum Pennum should have had a lot more tightening before going on floors, as all the 3 films feel half-baked. 

Did I enjoy it?

No way. With such a good cast, one expects better. 

Do I recommend it?

No. Malayalam’s cinema latest anthology is a misfire.

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