Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai Review

A chilled out horror comedy that delivers the goods!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai Review
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The next online offering from the team of TVF is Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai on MX Player, a series that spans five episodes.

What is the story about?

Four bachelors who have recently run into bad decision making and a lot of trouble, don’t have a home and live out of their car. After one of the friends finally lands a superb 4BHK, everything seems good at first. But later on, things take a different route as there is more to it than what meets the eye – a supernatural force finds its place amongst them.


Sumeet Vyas and Swara Bhasker are ideally the best actors on the show, and they get a lot of worthy scenes to pitch in good performances. The comic sequences are handled well by the ensemble cast, and are entertaining to watch for the entirety of the runtime.

Music & Other Departments

The show has a very catchy theme that is nice to listen to. Otherwise, the technicalities are quite basic.


The show’s even pacing is a plus and makes it a fine watch together.


The final episode and the reasoning behind the whole mess is handled in a typical manner.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This one is worth a casual watch.

Do I recommend it?

If you’re a fan of such simple comedies that don’t last too long, go for it.

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