Addham Review

Predictable Plot with a conventional Screenplay makes it a Bad Outing!

Jeya Suriya -

Addham Review

It looks like it's a time of Anthologies in South Indian Entertainment Industry. We just got over with Prime Video's First-Ever Direct OTT anthology - Putham Pudhu Kaalai and we have one more fresh from Tollywood through Aha - Addham. So, Addham in Telugu means Mirror. With a common theme of it, there are three narratives here.

What is the story about?

The Road that Never Ends
Jayaprakash is a Lorry driver, and he finds a young boy (Praveen) who ran away from his home stranded on the road. He permits him into his lorry on his journey. The guy finds money while he searches for food in the lorry and refuses alcohol when the lorry driver offers him that. Due to heart-attack, the driver loses control, and they meet with an accident. The remaining tale demands us to know the take on loot, child sexual abuse and much more.

Prasanna (Krish) and Abirami Venkatachalam are married couples who do not find peace in their marriage life as they both don't connect physically and mentally. Frustrated Krish books a room in a Star Property and arranges for a call girl. He waits at the hotel's bar to meet the escort and there he meets a girl (Pavithra) and they both connect mentally through thoughts. Rest of the anecdote is about what happens when he gets to know that she met the wrong girl.

The Unwhisperable Secret
Shruti (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) who is a psychiatrist listens to a confession of her patient Ram (Kishore) at her clinic. Ram confesses to committing a Hit and Run accident under the influence of alcohol. He seeks the help of the therapist since he has Insomnia due to that accident. The tale ends when we get to know whether Dr.Shruti reports the case to the Police or helps his patient recover.



"The Road that Never Ends" directed by Sarjun KM of Airaa fame has a pleasant beginning and painful ending. But it fails to engage as it lacks construction of character, depth and screenplay. 

"Crossroads" by Barath Neelakantan who directed K-13. Though the tale holds a performer like Prasanna, it did not change the so predictable ending. 

"The Unwhisperable Secret" by Siva Ananth (who regularly collaborates with legendary Director Maniratnam) had also made a film with predictability written all over. Though both Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Kishore fitted into their given roles perfectly, the storyline did not allow them to perform to their full potential.


Expect for Rohini in "The Road that Never Ends" and Varalaxmi in "The Unwhisperable Secret" all the actors have just fitted in. 


Music & Other Departments

Technically all the three films look solid as the production value of all the shorts were on a scale of feature. Art-work, edit and lens-work looked clean and crisp that it never gave us an appeal of a short film. 


"The Road that Never Ends" alone has a twist in the end which you wouldn't have predicted at all. other than that, the film hardly holds a highlight.


All the tales do not hold a highly engaging moment. The narratives are simple, flat and predictable. It looks like it was attempted for a common theme, unfortunately, it was not delivered that way.

Did I enjoy it?

No, I did not.

Do I recommend it?

No, I do not.

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