After Life Season 2 Review: Likable and relatable, though slightly inferior in comparison

After Life Season 2 Review: Likable and relatable, though slightly inferior in comparison
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Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Ricky Gervais’ After Life was one of the best British dramas out there, with a bunch of messed up yet interesting characters intertwining their lives in the town of Tambury. With the series getting reviewed for a second season, there were lots to look forward to in the life of the lead character Tony, and the people around him who begin to matter a lot more than they did at the start.

What is the story about?
After Life 2 continues right where the first season left off, with Tony still being tied up with the turmoil of losing out his wife to cancer. In addition to just Tony’s character facing trouble, the personal sides of almost all the other characters open up in this season, which tries to add more value to Tambury and its people on the whole. Tony’s journey on the road to recovery is built with new characters, tough situations and more of unveiling the grumpy cat inside him that he could get rid of.

Ricky Gervais is once again superb as the rude and stiff Tony, who just continues his same traits into the latest parts of the show, with ease. Though he gets to mouth only a smaller number of life lessons and ripostes here, there’s added scope for him to perform in the emotional sequences and that’s a big plus. The entire set of characters who impressed us in the first season return here, but the ones who make a mark are definitely Tom Basden as Matt, Diane Morgan as Kath and Joe Wilkinson who plays the postman. The sweet track between Tony and the nurse (Ashley Jensen) was supposed to be the highlight of the show, but it’s a bummer that the writing department decided to take it in a different direction.

After Life’s second season may not be as good as the first, but it does its emotional depth and comedy in fair amounts. The entire ‘revue show’ stretch turns out to be a dampener, but otherwise, there are quite a few moments that manage to catch your attention, especially the ones with Matt & Kath, and the new lease of life for the postman. Some of the characters who could have been sketched out in a better way include Sandy and Lenny, who do little other than frustrate the viewer with their bleak scenarios.

Music and other departments
When it comes to the technical side, After Life’s second season is equally good as the first, offering enough space to relish the town’s setting. The series’ mood is further built up by the music, which fits the occasion every single time.

The show once again comes off as a special one when it comes to its aim of spreading positivity and ending up with a new meaning to life. The life lessons, when they come, do connect with the viewer and that’s what makes it relatable on the whole.

Unlike the first season, the show fails in making the best use of all of the characters, with some of them being left out in dry shades.

Do I recommend it?
After Life’s second season may not be as great as the first, but it has enough to keep you engaged for the short while.

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