After We Collided Review

This sequel to ‘After’ is the weakest-ever entry in Netflix’s young-adult arsenal

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After We Collided Review
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What is the story about?

Continuing from the events of the previous film, Tessa and Hardin go their separate ways in life, but fate and attraction keep pulling them back together.


Any film, irrespective of genre or premise, will fall flat on its face if it cannot make you emotionally invested in its stakes. After We Collided, a sequel to the 2019 film After, and based on the 2014 novel by Anna Todd, was originally published on Wattpad, who also double up as one of the producers. However, if the original film was syrupy, the new film is just lazy. You expect Tessa and Hardin to wisen up and learn the lessons from the previous movie, but they are just two headstrong teenagers who live in a bubble of their own and cannot care less about what everyone thinks of them.

Tonally, this film is all over the place. The story seems to have been written under the influence of narcotics because there’s no genuineness in the setup each character finds themselves in. Everything looks and feels fake. Characters walk in and out of the frame and deliver dialogues as if reading from a teleprompter. The writing is abysmal, and the setting and secondary characters are all etched out as if someone decided to wring out the safest bets from the young-adult genre. The sex scenes feel as if they have been deliberately tacked on to attract viewers looking for cheap thrills. All this is made more criminal by Netflix’s involvement here. For a platform that has already gifted us some terrific films in this genre such as The Half Of It and The Kissing Booth films, this feels like a betrayal of sorts.


Honestly, the entire cast hams it up as if there’s no tomorrow.

Music & Other Departments

Justin Caine Burnett’s score conveys teenage angst in the most perfunctory way. Larry Reibman’s cinematography is ok. Lynne Mitchell’s production design just passes muster.




A film full of drawbacks cannot escape its biggest flaw—the writing is so weak that you’re never emotionally invested in the characters.

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Going out for a walk is a much better move.

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