Airplane Mode review: A very predictable but refreshing and relevant film

Airplane Mode review: A very predictable but refreshing and relevant film
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Can you imagine living a day without your mobile phone? We are so hooked to our phones that we don’t even realize it’s important to have face-to-face conversations anymore. Airplane Mode is a predictable, straightforward film about the concept of digitalization and how our lives have become so dependent on our phones. Even though it takes the tried-and-tested route to make its point about life beyond mobile phones, it succeeds in staying relevant and that’s what makes the film refreshing.

The story revolves around social media influencer Ana, who is popular online that prefers her digital lifestyle over her own health. After a series of previous near-misses in her car thanks to using her phone, Ana’s boyfriend decides to end their relationship while broadcasting online for likes and hits. Unable to handle the breakup, she winds up in an accident as she argues on her phone while driving home. Forced to facing charges against her for reckless driving, Ana has to choose between facing jail-time and giving up her phone for some quality time with her grouchy grandfather in the countryside. The rest of the story is about how Ana manages to live life without her phone.

While making a very important statement about truly living life beyond a mobile screen, Airplane Mode conveniently takes the rom-com route to make Ana transform into a warm and relatable person. The film is built on a very quirky idea but the execution isn’t quirky enough and it’s slightly disappointing that the film taking all these predictable steps to drive home its point. Thankfully, the film doesn’t get message-heavy and that’s primarily why the film has quite a few enjoyable moments.

The film is relevant because we live in a world of social media influencers and this attempt couldn’t have arrived in a timelier manner. Airplane Mode works for the most part because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, even while dealing with issues like social media addiction, and how this addiction has made us lose in touch with our real self. It’s a film that the millennial could easily relate with as it underlines the fact why it’s essential for all of us to take social media detox once in a while.

Rating: 3/5Stars


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