AK vs AK Review

Anil and Anurag keep us excited in this freakishly entertaining thriller!

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AK vs AK Review
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AK vs AK is Vikramaditya Motwane’s next film as a director, starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap. The film came directly to Netflix on the 24th of December.

What is the story about?

AK vs AK is built on real-life situations and events, with all the actors playing their real selves in the film. It is a unique meta film where a director, after being put down by a star at a public event, kidnaps the daughter of the star and films the night’s chronicles on camera. The entire course of events take place over a single night, with Anil and Anurag travelling together in search of Anil’s daughter, Sonam.



After a really long time, Bollywood has broken all the stereotypes of filmmaking, providing a solid film that is original from the word go. Vikramaditya Motwane’s inventive idea of having a film shot like a reality show is fantastic, and the amount of realism that he is able to bring into the frame is just baffling. The film is a frenetic and freakish watch right from the first scene, as there is a certain level of excitement added to every turn with twists coming from nowhere as well. The unpredictable, on-the-face screenplay keeps you guessing on what is coming next, and also holds the tempo very well. If not for some dips here and there, AK vs AK is a terrific film that overshadows its flaws with the storytelling pattern, ideas and of course, the performances.


It is an all-out Anil Kapoor show, as the man breathes life and style into the character. Playing himself on screen allows him to smack his own way of doing things, and he does that with ease and is a joy to watch on the whole. With Anil Kapoor bagging most of the limelight, Anurag becomes the second fiddle in the film, getting the best seat in the house to watch the veteran perform. The rest of the cast come and go, but do leave an impact as well – watch out for Harshvardhan’s act which is easily one of the most enjoyable scenes in the film.


Music & Other Departments

The film’s cinematography is on top tier, with splendid steadicam shots being used throughout. If Motwane did use handheld cameras to best effect in Bhavesh Joshi, he has even bettered it here with the film’s concept giving him more room to explore the technical side as well. The music too, complements the theme of the film and gives it what it needs.


The very concept of the film, and of course – Anil Kapoor’s solid performance.


The film could have been 10 minutes shorter, as there are some dips at a few places.


Did I enjoy it?

Despite a handful of flaws, AK vs AK is a great watch. A film I enjoyed seeing.


Do I recommend it?

This works out as a successful experiment that is worth your time and attention. Vikramaditya Motwane picks up a risky business and does it right.

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