All My Friends Are Dead Review

A fun, thrilling and intriguing teen dark comedy

Aparnna Hajirnis -

All My Friends Are Dead Review
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French, Polish

What is the story about?

All My Friends Are Dead is a Polish teen-dark comedy based on a group of friends who are celebrating New Year’s Eve. What starts as a fun, lively and enjoyable party, quickly turns grim and dark, when they all forced to confront secrets, lies, heartbreaks, and a hidden truth none of them expected.


In more ways than one, 'All My Friends Are Dead' reminded me a lot of the movie 'Donkey Punch'. The plot is roughly the same where a seemingly innocuous party of young adults turns deadly as secrets start spilling out. There are events that unfold which will pique your interest- a teenage boy madly in love with a girl and wanting to marry her, a homosexual man unable to get out of the closet, a married woman who's fallen for a teenager and a pizza deliveryman unable to get hold of his life. All these plots make up for one solidified concept. There's a lot of blood in scenes for people who are fans of the slasher genre. There are love and sex too, but that is not the core of the story. Even though, a teenage flick the movie never becomes silly or goes off track. It stays right on track till the very grand revelation at the climax.


The actors have done a decent job. Quite notable is the actress who plays Gloria, a role that has obviously been stylized after Stifler's mom from American Pie.

Music & Other Departments

There is not much to talk about the music, since it is a Polish film it did have me relying a lot on subtitles. The camera work is quite nice as it moves from one character to another as they bump into each other at the party or while they interact with each other.


None in particular.


Relying on the subtitles was the biggest drawback of the film.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, the movie may not be the benchmark of the dark-comedy genre, but it is nevertheless entertaining.

Do I recommend it?

Even though it is a slasher film, it might still make up for an easy watch.

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