Amazon Prime Video app is now available on Windows 10

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Amazon Prime Video app is now available on Windows 10

A new listing has appeared on the Microsoft Store that shows an official Amazon Prime Video app is now available to Windows 10 devices; a long-time coming for Amazon Prime Video users looking for a dedicated app, particularly for those wanting to download movies and shows to watch later.

The presentation is pretty much identical to the web version of Prime Video, with items listed under a number of sub-section in a carousel. The video player itself is also pretty much the same as what's on the web version, so the experience will definitely feel familiar for those used to view the content in a browser.

A sidebar gives access to a variety of options for discovering new content, managing your own library, and even viewing downloaded files to watch offline, a solid selling point for the app if you plan on being disconnected from the internet for a while and still want to watch some shows. Functionality-wise, this is pretty much the same as the web version, just with a hint of Windows' design language and the addition of offline downloads.

If you happen to be an Amazon Prime Video user, the app can be downloaded here, and it seems to work in just about any region where Prime Video is available.

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