Amazon Prime Video to start Live TV Telecast?

Jeya Suriya -

Amazon Prime Video to start Live TV Telecast?

Amazon Prime Video is reportedly attempting strategies to attach live linear TV and tendering arrangements to license 24/7 live TV programming to its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. These channels would most likely include live news, music, sports as well as scheduled TV programs and films.

Although it has been experimenting the waters of live TV programming by streaming NFL Thursday Night Football and English Premier League for some years now and this could be the initial incursion for the pulpit into a wide-scale broadcast TV as a step to discriminate itself from its rivals who only offer on-demand video.

It had even commenced endeavouring fundamental programming models to TV channels via Amazon Channels on its Fire TV equipment for picked precincts. In 2017 it had intentions to thrust live TV but had shrunk up on competing with established cable TV to alternatively focus on its on-demand services.

Also, according to a listing by Amazon, it is recruiting product managers for the Prime Video Linear TV unit for 24/7 linear telecast TV content which could mean that the new entrants are still in its beginning scaffolds and the e-commerce goliath itself has also made no formal statement either.

A few platforms have tried to propel comparable paradigms such as Google with its Youtube TV but have declined due to the lofty licensing expense for exclusive content from successful channels. Amazon may take a different strategy by striving its on-demand content along with a more restricted selection of live and linear TV programming along with some prepaid services.

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