Amid Coronavirus Crisis, The Office Star John Krasinski Spreads 'Some Good News' on YouTube

Amid Coronavirus Crisis, The Office Star John Krasinski Spreads 'Some Good News' on YouTube

The rampaging Coronavirus and it's killer disease Covid-19 has compelled numerous celebrities to spread cheer and humour to keep their fans in good spirits. One among those is actor John Krasinsky, star of popular sitcom The Office and movie A Quiet Place. 

Armed with the firm belief that the world, swamped as it is in bad news from all around, needs to hear more positive news to cheer it up, Krasinsky debuted his own new feel-good show this week on YouTube. The show is called 'Some Good News', SGN for short, and it brings heartwarming positive news from the world over for people to hear, see and feel the warmth of. The show consists of 15-minute episodes, just enough to keep people engaged and absorb the feel-good vibes. 

“For years now I have been wondering, ‘Why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?’ Desperately seeking my fix I reached out to all of you this week begging for some good news, and boy, did you deliver,” said Krasinski, about the show's start.

He continues, "After reading those replies and the incredibly heartwarming stories that came with them, I thought, 'All right. Enough is enough, world. Why not us? Why not now?' So, ladies and gentleman, this is your fault, and this is SGN."

The first episode featured scores of heart-touching stories about people going out of their way to help other people. From the hard-working medical community that helped people cope with the virus, to a little girl named Coco who beat cancer and received a rousing round of applause from her entire neighbourhood, to a guy in Maine who delivered lobsters to the home-quarantined, the clips simply tugged at the heartstrings. 

Krasinsky then had a special guest on his show. Since it was also the week celebrating 15 years of the debut of The Office, he called on video chat, Steve Carell, who played his boss Michael Scott on the beloved sitcom. The two reminisced about some of the most hilarious episodes of The Office. 

The last segment featured John having a chat with Coco, who says, “There are a lot of people like me going through things, that have low immune systems. Everyone that isn’t going to be extremely affected by it staying home to protect people that will be is really amazing."

Catch John Krasinski's Some Good News on YouTube, and bring a spot of sunshine into your lives, now! 

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