Anaganaga O Athidhi Review

Despite owning a good plot, the film gives an impression of watching a stage play

Richard Mahesh -

Anaganaga O Athidhi Review

What is the story about?

Set against a fictional village backdrop, we see Subbaiah and his family comprising his wife and daughter (Payal Rajput) living across the outskirts. Their lives are laden by poverty and the trio has no idea about their future until a clairvoyant visit their house, assuring them off a good fortune they are about to witness soon. The story takes a turn when a stranger visits their house and pleads them to shelter him to stay for a night. What unfolds next is a series of unexpected twists and turns. 


To make it simple, Anaganaga O Athidhi is a short film material that looks too much stretched out after a certain extent, albeit the running length limited to 90 minutes. On a precise note, the narrative gives an impression of watching a stage play. It is mainly due to the backdrop set against a single location and limited characters. The initial moments of the film, where the characters get established give a decorous impression and keep us hooked expecting what’s going to happen next. But the actual problem occurs with dramatic moments of the mother-daughter duo attempting to murder the guest gets too lengthy. Nonetheless, the final twist is incisively unexpected, and the writers deserve special mention for this shocking turn of an event by the end.


When Payal Rajput stole the show with her erstwhile movies like RX 100, the critics pointed all towards her ‘Oomph’ factors as the major reason. However, she has strived to step out from such paradigms and render a commendable performance. But the biggest drawback is that she is too alien for a village belle role. Chaitanya Krishna sticks to the role he does with perfection. Although his character doesn’t have much to perform, he exhibits the innocuous nature that his character demands. Anand Chakrapani and Veena Sunder deliver the performances with the right dose of emotions. 

Music & Other Departments

The film doesn’t have more than a couple of songs among which the one we hear during the title credits is mellifluous. The BGM in a few places, especially the one with flute is good, whereas the rest of them look inappropriate. The visuals look too ordinary with most of the performances are without dialogues. It could have probably propelled the music director to go with lots of scores, which irks you after some degree. There’s nothing special about cinematographer and other technical departments as the entire story is set in a single location. 


  • The final twist Performances 


  • Technically weak 
  • Screenplay 

Did I enjoy it?

Except for the twist in climax, the film lacks the punch of curiosity it created with trailer. 


Do I recommend it?

Maybe, if there are no movies on their watch list for the moment.  

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