Andhagaaram Movie Review

A brilliantly crafted supernatural thriller that will keep you intrigued for 3 hours!

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Andhagaaram Movie Review
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Andhagaaram starring Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan is Vignarajan’s debut as a filmmaker. The film landed directly on Netflix, on the 24th of November.

What is the story about?

Andhagaaram is the tale of three individuals and how their paths collide and concur. A washed-out cricketer, a blind librarian and a psychiatrist cross path in ways one cannot imagine, and what follows is a twisted tale of snake and ladder that keeps getting complex with the passing minute.



When one looks at the runtime of 2 hours and 51 minutes, there’s a slight feeling of discomfort already. But Andhagaaram is that film that takes this challenge by the horns and pulls you into its world within just 15 minutes of its runtime. The way in which Vignarajan etches and executes his storyline is something to applaud, as his pinpoint narration makes sure that we don’t skip a beat when everything comes together at the end. Andhagaaram definitely announces itself as one of the most complex yet clever screenplays till date in Tamil cinema, with a mysterious and suspenseful feel that prevails throughout and only hits you in full at the end. The fact that Vignarajan totally steers clear of all the usual stereotypes and abides by the rules of a no-nonsense suspense thriller is another factor to appreciate. If not for the slight familiarity with the turn in the climax, Andhagaaram is a superb thriller that one needs to devote complete concentration to, and end up on the greener side.


Each and every character in the film makes a mark with memorable scenes listed out in terrific fashion. The strengths of each actor in the cast have been intricately noted down by Vignarajan first up, who then puts it to use in the best fashion. Arjun Das, with his strong and menacing voice, is the best of the lot, as his impressive performance as the angry and irritated young man steals the show. On the other hand is Vinoth Kishan, who fits into the shoes of a rather silent blind man perfectly. With solid support from Pooja Ramachandran, Misha Ghoshal and the rest of the cast, Andhagaaram leaves no stone unturned in this department.


Music & Other Departments

Andhagaaram strikes it big in the technical side too, with a haunting and powerful score by Pradeep Kumar who makes the right use of the strings and the electrics to give it what it needs. The cinematography and the editing are on point too, as there are no big complaints to write about here.



The lovely detailing that the film possesses and the ability to keep us engaged for 3 hours.


There is a certain amount of a fall-back that occurs in the climatic sequence.

Did I enjoy it?

Of course yes. This is one of the best debuts in a long time.

Do I recommend it?

Andhagaaram demands your patience, but it will reward you with some solid thrills. Tamil cinema gets another gem on OTT.

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