Andhagaaram Music Review

A peculiar attempt that delivers both mild and intense tunes!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Andhagaaram Music Review

Andhagaaram is all set for a direct OTT release on Netflix, on the 24th of November. The film’s songs have now been released as a full album.

Suzhalum Irulil:
Singers – Shahid Hameed, Sivam, Pradeep Kumar

A melodious organization from Pradeep, as he constantly looks to change the structure of the song as it moves on. Pradeep Kumar opens the vocals and then paves the way to the others who keep up the song’s mood throughout.

Izhupari Aattam:
Singer – Sean Roldan

Sean Roldan both sings and takes care of the acoustic guitar in this song which has an interesting style to it, which stays draggy and drowsy on the whole. After the break in the middle, it does get a bit lethargic though.

Yaar Dhaan Kandaaro:
Singer – Sivam

If the two songs so far lacked power, here’s a song that is high on energy and has Sivam’s strong vocals lending it some more adrenaline. It sure does sound like a track that will be used for the intense portions in the film.

Suzhalum Irulil:
Singer – Shaktisree Gopalan

Shaktisree Gopalan this time on the mic, and she becomes the sole female singer in the entire soundtrack. This type of composition becomes a cakewalk for her vocal style, and she aces it with a haunting rendition that takes the baton with a lead.

On the whole, Andhagaaram is a film-centric soundtrack that largely believes in the aura it is able to create with the music. The full effect of the same will only be realized in the film, and we will have to wait until the 24th for that.



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