Ashram Review - Owns a gripping plot, but tagged with sluggish moments

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Ashram Review - Owns a gripping plot, but tagged with sluggish moments
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What’s it all about? 
Set against the backdrops of the fictional city – Kashipur, the most adored Godman – Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala has established his empire. Courtesy to his good-hearted gesture of being the solace of lower strata cohort; they believe and accept him as their messiah. And young vibrant Pammi, an ambitious girl is one among them, who becomes his fervent follower after he saves her from a troublesome situation. Everything is paradisiacal until a human skeleton is found while digging the vast lands for construction. With political involvements and police investigations on the roll, all theories point towards one place – Ashram and it indeed stirs the doubt among few, if Babaji is more than he meets the eyes.   

The brand Prakash Jha would be an ample reason for many to blindly opt this show as his filmography has boasted of some hard-hitting flicks including Rajneeti. When given a vast space to depict a hardcore reality through a medium like a web series, it instantly instilled more hopes on the potentials to throw sumptuous lights upon the concept. On an incisive note, we are indeed offered a decent presentation from the filmmaker. By the initial moments, you might not feel Bobby Deol befittingly looking perfect for the role, but as the story progresses, we are convinced as the character unfolds itself into different layers. Prakash Jha has sketched every character with scrutinizing efforts and none of them vanishes into thin hair. However, on the flip side, few sequences look amateur and it lacks substantiality. Say, for instance, a top-most Inspector General getting trapped inside a hotel room looks so silly and unacceptable. Such mediocrity should have been avoided. On the other end, few sequences are far-stretched and we start losing our patience during the mid, but the momentum is back at the right place by the final moments. The open ending with the trailer of the second season propels in us some inquisitiveness to see what’s next. Will it be the culmination of Babaji or would his evil realms continue to dominate? Is it going to be a realistic presentation or compromises to adapt itself to cinematic elements? Only then, the viewers will be able to make the right assertion about their verdicts. 

We aren’t able to judge if Bobby Deol is weak in his performance or is that the character he plays recommends him to be so. For those who have been his fans during the 90s, it would be a little disappointing to see him arrive with dull performances. It’s because his proficiency is much good than what it is now. Naturally, his expressions and body language are groovy, and his character being more brainy than brawny might not be an instant pick for viewers. Moreover, seeing him in an antagonistic role would keep them clouded from the right judgments on his performance. Ashram does have the traditional cyberspace family members like Darshan Kumar (Avrodh), Anupriya Goenka (Criminal Justice, Sacred Games), and then an array of popular artistes like Tridha Choudary, whose performance is best. Aditi Sudhir Pohankar as Pammi establishes herself as a talented performer here by exactly reflecting many innocent girls, who get addicted to certain beliefs and individuals by just looking at the tip of the iceberg. We can expect a much more promising spell from her in the second season with what we see in the trailer. 

Technical aspects 
There’s nothing much over here that enormously contributes to the enhancements. Production designing is worthy of appreciations. The music doesn’t play a vital part as we can hear the same tunes played over and again. Cinematography is good. The makers’ motive is clear that their focus is all about the narrative rather than banking upon the technical department. 
Major highlights 
- Characterizations 
- Story 
- Narrative parts get slightly slugged now and then 
-  Logic issues. 
-  The technical part isn’t admirable. 
Did I enjoy watching it? 
Despite some slow and stretched out moments, it's watchable 
Would I recommend it to others? 
For the cravers of sensational headlines and topics.

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