Asphalt Burning Review

A burning mess of a movie

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Asphalt Burning Review
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What is the story about?

Roy, (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) a bad boy, is soon to be married to his fiancee Sylvia (Jenny Skavlan). He ends up kissing another woman, just before his wedding night Robin (Alexandra Maria Lara). Now he has to embark on a road trip where, Roy not only meets tough adversaries (Henning Baum, The BossHoss) but also hot chicks (Ruby O. Fee), and soon realises that even the police are after him as he ends up with a dead body of an old lady in his trunk. Will he win back Slyvia or will he be arrested thanks to two sidekicks?


As I recently found out that, Asphalt Burning is not a standalone film, but the third film in a Trilogy. The third part of the original 'Borning' series is unfortunately pretty much ludicrous. When trying to outdo the first two parts with more humour, car racing, action and with a charming rascal, the movie has some really bad CGI. If that is not enough, we are given a very mediocre plot and some really forced humour scenes and sexual innuendos, that seem to have been taken straight out of the college-humour movies of the 90s. A buddy comedy on Netflix may be winning viewerships, but this movie is just too boring. While we understand that this is Norway's Fast And Furious series, it seems a bit too funny and not in a good way.


There are no such notable performances in the film. Anders Baasmo Christiansen gets most of the screentime as he's the lead.

Music & Other Departments

The music isn't much to be mentioned. But let me just mention that this movie has one of the most ridiculous CGI scenes I have ever come across in recent times. There's a particular scene where a police car flies up in the air, hangs up the side of a dock before falling into the water. I had to go back three times to check if the scene really did happen. The CGI seemed so much like the cartoons of the 90s, that it had me amused. The plot, screenplay and technical aspects all fail to make this into a watchable fare. 


There are none.


This movie is a half-baked attempt at recreating a localised version of the Fast And Furious.

Did I enjoy it?

The movie is credited for being an action-comedy and it is neither. The only laughter it invokes is due to the really bad CGI effects.

Do I recommend it?

No. Please watch the original Fast And Furious series.

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