Astey Ladies review - When Simran meets Khosla Ka Ghosla

Astey Ladies review - When Simran meets Khosla Ka Ghosla
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Astey Ladies is the HoiChoi series which finally gets its story right. In Hansal Mehta’s Simran starring Kangana Ranaut, we saw Kangana turn into a lipstick bandit Simran who threatened banks in the US with a fake gun to rob them. In Astey Ladies, a bored school teacher wishes to open a beauty parlour, and just when things start running smoothly, they are made to take a life-altering decision. They become robbers who rob rich men. It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that they adopted the methods of the Naxalites. Except in Astey Ladies, instead of killing the rich men, they would just take the money from them and secretly return them later on. Director Abhijit Chowdhury makes a worthy outing and HoiChoi should think of giving him a raise, considering that they found someone who can make a viewer wait for nine seasons, and not make the experience feel like a complete waste of time. There’s the right element of romance, triangular love, thrill, feminism, crime, drama and real action, the kind of action which is not done by superstars but common men who pick up the nearest tool just to save himself/herself from their current situations. Actors Saayoni Ghosh, Madhurima Ghosh and Saurav Das are cast well as crooks…except they are not crooks. They are common people in trouble trying to act like crooks, by adapting methods from Bollywood. The series has not mentioned if they are at all inspired from any real incident, as they do seem to be original although it had traces of Simran and Khosla Ka Ghosla, where both the films where slightly adapted from real-life events. While Khosla Ka Ghosla hired a group of actors to dupe a man who had wrongfully occupied a space previously bought by Mr Khosla, Aste Ladies also tells the story of a boy named Kaushik, who makes it his mission to avenge his father, who committed suicide after being betrayed by a diamond tycoon. He happens to meet two ladies who also are victims of his tyrannical power. Eventually, the three leading ladies and Kaushik remain friends, and they start caring for each other’s physical safety over money. However, like various other films, Astey Ladies too comes with a lot of loopholes. One of the ladies who turns a crook is a married woman with a possessive husband. However, when each night she doesn’t return home or goes from one house to another acting like a con-woman, her husband doesn’t find out. He doesn’t call her in the middle of the night to know where she is. He acts as if he is aware that his wife is a crook and pretends to not know. Hence, in the final moment, they make him look like the clever person when Megha returns him the money she had taken from him to open a saloon and decides to separate. They also fail to show us why Medha would ever want to separate from a husband who has otherwise been quite supportive. Of course, he did react when she took away Rs 50,000 from their joint account without informing him, but on some level, that's an aspect that can get any partner angry. Would we have questioned the man’s affection for the woman had they exchanged places? The next loophole remains that the bold woman relies on the knowledge of the man who once threatened them, to give them information about how everything works in the underworld. Somewhere in real life, doesn’t he play a role when he knowingly or unknowingly informs one of his peers about three woman’s involvement in buying fake guns to threaten rich men? Despite the flaws, Astey Ladies remains a fulfilling watch - not because HoiChoi has by now created a reputation of making yawn-worthy web-series, but even without comparison Astey Ladies manages to stand out. So why tell these women to slow down, when they can do more by moving faster? So hurry up ladies, plan your second season now.

Rating: 3.5/5

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