Astounding Courage in Distress (ACID) (2020)

Astounding Courage in Distress (ACID) (2020)
Platform : ShemarooMe
Language : Hindi
Synopsis : Even after 70 years of independence, there is a segment of our society which has not freed from Its narrow-minded mentality. It’s a segment of male dominating society which consider women inferior to men and make them deprived of the respect they deserve. Woman is the mother of a society and a good society can never be made without respecting women. There are women in society who decide to fight for their rights. ‘Astounding Courage In Distress’ is the story of such a girl Ruhana, who doesn’t loose her hope in adverse conditions (After Acid Attack) and fights bravely for her rights and achieves her goal despite adversities. And in the process Ruhana becomes a role model for society to imbibe after.
Cast : Mansinghms, Man Singh, Priyanka Singh,
Directors : Priyanka Singh
Producer/s : Mansinghms
Cinematographer (DoP) : Shrikant Pattnaik
Production House : PS Film Craft International
Music : Ashish Mohanty

Movie Duration (minutes) : 121
Digital Premiere Date : April 17, 2020 Theater Release Date : January 3, 2020

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