Athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick’s collaborates with Ava DuVarney for a Netflix miniseries.

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Athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick’s collaborates with Ava DuVarney for a Netflix miniseries.

Netflix has added a genre “Black Lives Matter” in the wake of global protests following the death of George Floyd. In response to the interest in movies and television shows about racial injustice and discrimination, Netflix has announced that athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick and filmmaker Ava DuVernay are collaborating for a series about the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. 

Back in 2016, Kaepernick started a movement when he knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. The series is titled Colin in Black & White will focus on the early life of Kaepernick as a black child growing up with a white adopted family and his road to becoming a professional athlete while defining his identity. 

There’s no announcement of the release date yet. It will be a six-episode series which has been written by Michael Starrbury in May. It’s also said Michael Starrbury, Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVarney will be executive producers of the show. The show will be narrated by Kaepernick himself and an actor will play him as a teen.

In 2017, Donald Trump urged NFL owners to fire any football players who protested during the national anthem. This led to Kaepernick opting out of the contract with 49ers in March 2017 and sadly was not hired by any other team. Kaepernick went on filing a grievance against the NFL alleging that the teams worked together to keep him out of the league. Later the dispute was settled in 2019, but he still remains unsigned by any team.

Colin Kaepernick stated in an interview “Too often we see race and Black stories portrayed through a white lens, we seek to give a new perspective to the different realities that Black people face. We explore the racial conflicts I faced as an adopted Black man in a white community, during my high school years.”

Michael Starrbury and Ava DuVernay last worked together on the Emmy winning Netflix miniseries When They See Us, which focused on the story of 5 teenage boys who were incarcerated after being convicted of the 1989 rape and murder of a jogger in Central Park and were exonerated in 2002.

Colin in Black & White is surely going to grab everyone’s attention when it’s out and definitely going to reveal a story untold to the masses. Watch out for this space for further developments and release date on the series.


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