Atithi review - Outdated acting and a yawn inducing narration

Atithi review - Outdated acting and a yawn inducing narration
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If there was ever a competition on the best boring film, even then ‘Atithi’ would not win that award, because it would have reached the heights of disappointing the jury members of that committee as well. Apart from star factor Rituparna Sengupta, there’s nothing about ‘Atithi’ that particularly builds your interest, because the film is wrong in every sense; ideologically, ethically, aesthetically, and in terms of camera movements as well. The film follows two youngsters, Antim and Antara, who are admitted in an asylum as they suffer from memory loss following an accident. Story-wise, the film is supposed to head towards a thrilling climax and reveal startling secrets about the couple’s past, except, there’s nothing thrilling about the plot, or the subplots. Everything Antara does to get Antim’s attention is actually harassment, and the film displays that to be cute. But would you call it cute if the man Antim, starts acting in a similar manner towards Antara? Would you call it adorable, if a man throws pebbles at a woman, stops the water supply while you’re bathing only to get a glimpse of your nude-self covered in foam, or finds excuses only to get you on your nerves? In the real world, harassing anyone to that extent leads to a criminal offence, but everything is forgivable and acceptable in small screens, yes that is established. ‘Atithi’ is so detached from reality that it has a divorce lawyer who acts like a (slow-speaking) philosopher who advises his clients on the importance of patience in love and marriage. Suddenly, I started admiring Govinda’s character from the Hindi film ‘Life Partner’, because, amidst all the extended comedy, his character remained real, a character who never gave advice on true love, because divorcing people was his profession. Not just the spectators, halfway through the film, even Rituparna Sengupta gets exhausted with everything abnormal that is surrounding her. Call it her professional obligation, even she can’t even say no to anything because she is getting paid for her part of the film, unlike the spectators. To her every exhausting expression, I just wanted to tell Rituparna, ‘It’s okay Ritu, we understand’. Atithi is available on Zee 5. Rating: 0.5/5

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