Attihannu Mattu Kanaja (2014)

Attihannu Mattu Kanaja (2014)
Platform : Mubi India
Language : Kannada
Synopsis : Gowri, a documentary filmmaker, travels with her cameraman Vittal to a remote village in search of a musical teacher for her project, which requires her to study how music is shaped by different locations. However the musician is nowhere to be found. The two are forced to wait for his return.
Cast : Bhavani Prakash, Ranjit Bhaskaran, Manjunath Belakere, Ravi Phoenix, Achyuth Kumar, Bhoomika, Shruti & others
Directors : MS Prakash Babu
Producer/s : Bhavani Prakash
Cinematographer (DoP) : H M Ramachandra Halkare
Production House : Bayalu Chitra Productions, National Film Development Corporation (NFDC)
Music : Shrikant Prabhu

Movie Duration (minutes) : 86
Digital Premiere Date : June 21, 2020 Theater Release Date : October 19, 2014

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