Axone Review: A culture-rich delicious dish!

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Axone Review: A culture-rich delicious dish!
Movie Rated

Format: Feature Movie
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 12 June 2020


What is the story about?
The story revolves around Minam (Aslena Jamir) who is getting married and her friends Chanbi (Lin Laishram) and Upasana (Sayani Gupta) are in a constant effort to make their friends special day extra special by making their traditional North Eastern dish, pork in Akhuni (Axone), the film also throws a hard light on the lives of our fellow North Eastern citizens who are treated as outsiders in their own country. The film is directed by Nicholas Khakongor.

Trust me I was very impressed by the performances of the entire cast. It was very real and it felt like you’re watching the events just as they are happening around you. Sayani Gupta (Upasana) did a fantastic job and nailed the character of a North Eastern girl I truly loved how she was perfecting it in every scene. Lin Laishram (Chanbi) was fierce; she brought authenticity to the film with her commendable performance. Dolly Ahluwalia (Nani) was hilarious; she surely kicked in major laughs followed by Vinay Pathak (Landlord). There was this character called Shiv played by Rohan Joshi, he was cruelly hilarious. Another character Balamon (Merenla Imson) who may have little to do in the film but she shines through in one particular scene where she counters a Delhi resident on racial discrimination. That was spot on and you burst out laughing because of the actor’s body language. Minam (Aslena Jamir) has small screen time but she makes a good impression during the last stretch. The rest of the supporting cast includes Lanuakam Ao, Tenzin Dalha, Milo Sunka and Akash Bhardwaj, who played their respective parts with great admiration.

The film has made its fair share of festival rounds and now finally it has arrived on Netflix. Axone stands out like its core plot. One may argue it’s not the first film to be made on cultural differences and racism. But the core of Axone is an age-old struggle of North Eastern folks who have been suffering in their own country like outsiders. I till date don’t understand the reservation people have towards North Eastern Indians. Few of my best friends are from the North East and trust me when I say this they’re lovely people and their cuisine is delicious. The film is centred on one such particular dish which is called Akhuni (Axone) that consists of smoked pork. The ingredients of the dish are exotic. I’ve never seen those herbs before. I was literally salivating and wished If I could have a bowl of Akhuni. Axone runs for a sharp 1hr 40mins and keeps you entertained throughout the runtime. The film focuses on one event and subtly inserts all the hardships its central characters go through while living in Delhi. And there are few scenes which were beautifully staged by the director Nicholas Kharkongor. Axone was perfectly blended with culture and emotions which had a good dosage of friendship and romance.

Music and other Departments
The music was different from a blend of folk and melody. Tajdar Junaid did a very good job and maintained a good mood throughout the film. Cinematography by Parasher Baruah was great. Given the restriction of narrow streets of Delhi and limited space, he had good sense framing that gave this Indie film a mainstream look. And it was perfectly backed by crisp editing by Suresh Pai.

Realistic performances and the subtle inclusion of cultural differences leave a strong impression.

I couldn’t find any. If you do, please mention in the comments.

Did I enjoy it?
I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I was laughing hard most of the time.

Do I recommend it and why?
I strongly recommend it. Not only it makes you laugh hard, but it also conveys a strong message.



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