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Bad Boy Billionaires: India

Bad Boy Billionaires: India
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What would you do to make it to the top? To build an empire? To maintain an image? Bad Boy Billionaires answers just that. Dive into the stories of India’s most infamous billionaires.

“Bad Boy Billionaires India” is a Netflix Original Docuseries and Is Streaming online on Netflix. The Docuseries is an Indian Investigative Docuseries focusing on four notorious Indian billionaires who have had ‘run-ins’ with Indian Central Government or State Governments and / or are on the run from them. 

“Bad Boy Billionaires India" will release on 2nd September 2020 on Netflix.

Bad Boy Billionaires India is an Indian Investigative Docuseries focusing on four notorious Indian billionaires are as follows:-

Vijay Mallya:
The ex-Member of Parliament, Mallya and his companies have been knee-deep in financial scandals and controversies since 2012. Once called the ‘King of Good Times’ which coincidentally is the tag line for his brand, Kingfisher; he borrowed money from State Banks to expand his Kingfisher airlines which he has not returned till date.


Subrata Roy:
The Managing Chairman of Sahara Indian Pariwar, ended up employing a million ‘agents’ raising capital from the poorest parts of the country. That turned out to be one of the biggest pyramid schemes in the country.

Nirav Modi:
This fugitive businessman is wanted by both the Government of India and the Interpol for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, money laundering among many other crimes he has been accused of. He is also being investigated for a 2 billion dollar fraud case which involves the Punjab National Bank and a 4.2 million dollar fraud case involving lab diamonds.

Ramalinga Raju:
Born Byrraju Ramalinga Raju, he is the former chairman and CEO of Satyam Computer Services. He stepped down from the company when he admitted to embezzling funds and falsifying revenues and margins of over 5000 crore rupees. This eventually leads to the collapse of the company in 2015.

Watch as insiders and experts discuss what made these men genius and, in some cases, the greatest conmen.

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