Bamfaad Review: Little to enjoy besides the Music

Bamfaad Review: Little to enjoy besides the Music
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Format: Movie
Platform: ZEE5

What is the story about?
The story is set in a small village around the city of Allahabad. What seems like an action-packed gang war, student politics kind of film, gets reduced to two love birds going on a wild goose chase. Typically, Neelam (Shalini Pandey) and Nasir Jamal (Aditya Rawal) have fallen in love. But Neelam has been with Jigar Faurya’s since the last four years. Their violent attraction between Neelam and Jigar led to lust, which further on led to a certain emptiness, and lack of security. Nasir enters right in time to fill the void, with absolutely pinches Jigar’s ego. Since Jigar is backed by the cops, and always has his pockets full to the brim, he veils his power to wipe Nasir, and break him completely. The battle between the two men only gets deeper as Nasir elopes with Neelam. But what happens in the end is for you to watch.

There is an evident lack of chemistry between the lead protagonists. Aditya Rawal is very aggressive, spewing swears out of his mouth like pots and pans! Shalini Pandey, on the other hand, is super calm. Sometimes the chemistry is distinct, but at other times one can observe an evident disconnect between the two. Vijay Verma has to play a very Macho part, and that suits him! But the sync is out of order.

It’s all in the name! The name is so misleading! ‘Bamfaad’ could mean something ballistic! But the movie is far from that. The plot is crumbling like a pack of cards. What looks like college politics at the start of the film, suddenly turns into college romance!

Is it the ‘in thing’ to use the choicest of slang and swear words where dialogues are concerned? People seem to down the language as if it’s going to go out of fashion!

Ranjan Chandel’s direction is discounted. He could have moulded the cast better, in order to help enliven their performances. The editing is also weak. Logic is missing for most parts. The plot is premised in the present day, so why doesn’t either Nasir or Neelam have a phone? The climax is very sitcom-like. But the writer forgets that this is thankfully a film and not a sitcom. So why leave the loose ends?  

Music and other departments
Well, something has gone right with the music. They have a good title track that can get you to groove. But the production is mismanaged in style.

The title track is the only decent highlight.

Starting from the plot to the dialogues, to the acting and not to forget the production everything is full of flaws.

Did I enjoy it?
To put t diplomatically, I'd say on a bad day, if someone’s really irked me, I would punish that person, by asking them to watch this.

Do I recommend it?
Don’t the above two lines say it all?

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

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