Baran bo Odar, the creator of 'Dark,' has started work on a new Netflix series called '1899'

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Baran bo Odar, the creator of 'Dark,' has started work on a new Netflix series called '1899'

Dark set a new norm for small-screen storytelling, thanks to director Baran bo Odar, writer Jantje Friese, and the entire cast and crew. Whereas any other long-running show with a large audience watching every step struggles to offer a satisfying conclusion, Dark managed to do so flawlessly during its final period, i.e. Season three.

As a result, it has created a vacuum that can only be filled by something similar stature. It's great news as Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are all set to bring out the new series called 1899.  On Instagram, Baran bo Odar confirmed that the pre-production of the series 1899 has started. The first season of 1899 will consist of eight episodes 1hr shows that will be a period drama that would be filled with lots of thriller and horror elements. sons have a one-hour show. According to showrunner Baran bo Odar's Instagram, the pilot episode is titled "The Ship."

“The original series follows a migrant steamship from London to New York as it departs the old continent. The passengers, who come from all over Europe, are brought together by their hopes and aspirations for the new century and their future abroad. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they come across another migrant ship adrift on the open sea. What they discover on board will change the course of their journey. 

Emily Beecham has been cast in 1899, according to Deadline, but no specifics about her part have been revealed. Beecham is known for her roles in Little Joe and The Pursuit of Love, and she will star in Emma Stone's upcoming film Cruella. It was declared by the showrunner that the show would be in the English language. 

It would be a thrilling experience to watch this European show which has been cast from different countries.  With that, it would help us realize that it is the heart that would unite us and what divides us and how fear can be a trigger for the latter". This was commented by Friese and Odar in a joint statement. 

The news was first reported by What's on Netflix. 


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