Barbarians Review

An engaging period drama that keeps it going despite some humps and bumps!

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Barbarians Review
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Barbarians is a Netflix original series that comes after the platform’s other period offerings such as The Last Kingdom. The series was unveiled on the 23rd of October.

What is the story about?

Ari (Laurence Rupp) was a barbarian by birth, who was offered as a symbol of peace as a pledge to their Empire. However, when a new governor steps in and ups his demands, it causes disputes and tension between the people and the neighbouring tribes, who decide to gang up against each other. Ari now takes the help of his former friends in Thusnelda and Folkwin to fight his war for the right place amidst the people and to also uphold his name.


Barbarians’ one-liner in itself is a bit twisted, but the show manages to keep the momentum going with some nice shifts in pace and also some well-developed characters. The show doesn’t have the grandeur of a bigger projection and always feels small, but there is surely something in it to keep you going if you are planning on a binge-watch. What Barbarians does right is to give its characters the room to express their actual feelings on different occasions, before jumping to the action which is actually less for a series that spans just six episodes. Though it could have been a lot racier with some more pump at the end of the episodes, Barbarians is acceptable stuff right now.


Laurence Rupp who plays Ari gets the maximum screen time and does a good job, but the better-developed characters of the show in Thusnelda and Folkwin do give it better performances too. Both Jeanne Goursaud and David Schutter have delivered solid performances, becoming a good pair that could take the front seat in the forthcoming seasons. Apart from them, the rest of the cast are at par.

Music & Other Departments

For a show that is set in the period time, the set design and the production works are just about average. However, the music has been intelligently used to bring in some excitement at important junctures.



The performances of the main trio and how the story builds up in the first 3 episodes.


The lack of high moments which could have actually taken this series up mighty higher.

Did I enjoy it?

There were parts of it that didn’t use up the potential, but there was something in it to like as well.


Do I recommend it?

If you are ready to watch a series that invests more of your time in the characters than the action sequences, you might want to give this a try. It’s not extraordinary but not bad either.

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