Basement Company Review – Short, crisp and decently made that makes it watchable

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Basement Company Review –  Short, crisp and decently made that makes it watchable
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First jobbers Raj, Simran and Rahul who are forced into the basement of their office while it undergoes a major transformation to attract more business. Battling the expectation vs reality scenario – this trio finds themselves as the unlucky three who’re being shifted to the basement, having to spend their 8-hour workday with spotty wifi, a leaking ceiling and a workspace that they would’ve never imagined calling their own. The show is set in Gurgaon, wherein these three badnaseeb buddies are put in the wackiest situations as they try to regain their territory upstairs. While trying to achieve this, they are fighting their respective battles to achieve their dreams which lie beyond the four walls of this company as well as juggling friendships, relationships and their new lives at work

Format: Feature Film (MX Player Exclusive)
Platform: MX Player
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Sitcom, Romance
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere Date: 24 June 2020

What’s it all about?
Set against the backdrops of a small start-up company ‘PunjaBeats’ in Gurgaon, three first jobbers Raj, Simran and Rahul are urged by situations to shift into the basement block. With these three youngsters attempting to make their way back upstairs, they do have their own internal conflicts to combat with. It’s about pursuing their dreams, handling relationships and friendship.

Much like any other series from MX Player, this one comes with a limited duration. With just 5 episodes, except for the final one, others don’t have a running length of more than 20 minutes. Tarun Dudeja and Parijat Joshi deserve all praises for commendable writing. When a story set against the premise of office backdrops is offered to write, it becomes a speculative challenge for anyone to avoid exaggerations. Nonetheless, this writer duo has made sure that the treatment shouldn’t become larger than life anywhere. The other highlighting trait we find here is the uniqueness of each character. There are a few moments, where the seniors in the office render their preaching that really looks good and laudable. “One shouldn’t spend their entire life correcting their mistakes and instead must escalate themselves in whatever they are passionate about. Such lines are inspiring and the writing department deserves special mention for this. Divyanshu Malhotra comes up with an engaging play and has done his job neatly. However, we find there are few sluggish moments in Episodes 4 & 5 during binge-watch and the characters expressing themselves stereotypically over and again with the same mannerisms create a sort of boredom. With the entire play, set inside a single office space, it creates an urge for us to see if the characters can get fresh air outside. Next time, MX Player comes with a plan to make series based on office backdrops; it is advisable they try to get out of that particular space. It’s because, a character becomes complete when viewers are exposed to their personal, private, and professional space.

First things first! It’s Apoorva Arora who sparks of every frame with her spontaneous performance. This is yet another embellishment we find commonly in the series produced by MX Player with the female protagonist getting substantial characterisation and of course, a neat screen presence. Gagan Arora as Raj Chadda stands out to be a reflection of what a teen in real life would be and Mayur as Rahul is so much naturalistic with his acting. Jassi Kapoor as Sukwindher Singh Kothpuriya is the icing on the cake. When the characters are developed and crafted efficiently, it makes the job of actors easier and that’s what we see here.

Technical aspects
The most absolute factor we find in the technical aspects of series churned out by MX Player is a particular standard of cinematography. Though there’s nothing much to analyse or mention the unique traits of the visuals, we find them flawless and top-notch. The musical score is pleasant and it remains perfectly appropriate to the visuals. The mildness we find is the best attractive element, which doesn’t hamper the drama. In the same aspect, the editing department comes up with excellent treatment, where we don’t find jarring discontinuities anywhere.

Dialogues and the short in duration which was crisply engaging

The play turns out to be stereotypical after a certain extent

Did I enjoy it?

Do I recommend it?
Of course, it’s custom made for those, who love short and crisp series





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