BBC Period Drama Poldark is coming to Amazon Prime Video and there is enough reason to watch it!

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BBC Period Drama Poldark is coming to Amazon Prime Video and there is enough reason to watch it!

While we would be one of the first people to tell you that just Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner), a brooding hero is enough of a reason to watch this enchanting period romance, now that Amazon Prime Video is premiering the BBC show (based on Winston Graham's novels) on its streaming service in its entirety, there's plenty more to gain.

Firstly, we have the feisty and charming Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) who is the perfect soulmate to Ross's dark side. When we first meet her, she is simply a kitchen maid at the Poldark residence in beautiful Cornwall. While this could be a matter of a star-crossed love affair, Demelza is his equal in every way. Of course, it is impossible to imagine that these two would ever come together, but Demelza approaches Ross to show how sure she is of her feelings for him, and also saving him from the agony of indulging in something inappropriate.

The two share a passionate relationship which is based on wit, charm and sensuality. It helps that Turner and Tomlinson have great chemistry, which is what has seemingly rubbed off on the audience. Demelza's character is always sure that in spite of their marriage, Ross wouldn't be the kind of person who could tell her that he loves her. Their feelings, though, are so strong, that Ross eventually professes his love by offering himself to be her servant forever.  Swoon-worthy.

There are twists and turns galore as together they face mine disasters, class differences and poverty. Ross even cheats on Demelza in Season 2 with an old flame Elizabeth, who is eventually wed to another. The series finale is also based on this central conflict. However, ultimately all reach a happy ending because the two lovers choose to follow their heart and ignore the banal gossip of the townspeople. Ross respects her enough to marry her and face the consequences of that action. Meanwhile, Demelza too is unafraid of her former employer and now husband, treating herself with the same respect, knowing that she is his equal and deserves to be with him.
Every minute of Poldark is epic in every way. You can watch all five seasons now on Amazon Prime Video. 



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