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Digital Premiere Date
Original Series
Movie Rated
  • Director(s) :

    Peter Grönlund

    Producer(s) :

    Mattias Arehn, Tine Grew Pfeiffer, Bonnie Skoog

  • Cast :

    Ulf Stenberg, Miriam Ingrid, Oliver Dufåker, Aliette Opheim, Tobias Zilliacus, Jacob Nordenson, Tomas Bergström, Charlotta Jonsson, Otto Fahlgren, Alfons Nordberg, Erik Lundqvist, Rasmus Karlsson, Najdat Rustom, Sanna Niemi, Lukas Wetterberg, Einar Bredefeldt, Frida Sandberg, Hans Blomberg, Adam Claesson, Ebbe Kero, Alfred Nordin, Elias Lind Oja, Elias Forsmark, Elis Lindberg, Elias Lindqvist, Gustav Malmquist, Filip Toshang, Martin Jatko Kyrö, Kevin Granström, Axel Hansson, Linus Rullander, Pontus Vestin, Oliver Wallmark, Marcus Lindström, Oskar Selberg, Jonathan Björklund, Viktor Arespång, William Bergström Larsson, Erik Hannu, Hannes Huhta, Erik Larsson, Filip Lundqvist, Cornelius von Below, Rami Kemi, Victor Stridsman, Jalmar Kallijärvi, Kristoffer Lathi, William Esperi, Tyler Shamy, Anna Azcárate, Peter Mörlin, Mustapha Aarab, Jimmy Backman, Mirja Burlin, Michael Odhag, Jeanette Holmgren, Emma Bruinewoud, Emma Jakobsson, Lars Lindberg, Helen Al-Janabi, Gustav Lindh, Nora Bredefeldt, Lars Osten Bergström, Christer Stenberg, Christer Åström, Karin Paulin, Ivar Andersson, Therese Lindberg, Stefan Rautavuoma, Jörgen Wrengbro

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    Petrus Sjövik

    Music Director :

    Johan Testad

  • Production House :

    Filmlance International AB

The Swedish import, Beartown follows the story of a junior ice hockey team in Sweden which was once-successful but is now riddled with has-beens.The town’s only hope comes in the form of Peter Andersson, who is a former NHL player that returns to his hometown with his family to turn the local team around. Soon the Bears are lead to victory with the help of seventeen year-old Kevin Erdahl, a highly talented hockey star and speedy underclassman Amat but when a victory night party turns traumatic, the town is quickly torn apart. With a chilling dissection of right and wrong and the coach’s daughter, Maya, at the center of it all the series explores family trauma, truths, lies, and ultimately, the courage it takes to stand up for justice.
Beartown is a HBO Max original series which is based on Fredrik Backman's bestselling novel. The first three episodes were written by Anders Weidemann, Antonia Pyk and Linn Gottfridsson while episodes four and five were written by, Pyk and Gottfridsson. All the five episodes were directed by Peter Grönlund and was produced by Mattias Arehn, Tine Grew Pfeiffer and Bonnie Skoog.

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