Becoming Review – An underwhelming documentary on Michelle Obama that offers nothing new

Becoming Review – An underwhelming documentary on Michelle Obama that offers nothing new
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Format: Documentary
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genre: Documentary 

Michelle Obama is indeed one of the most inspiring women on the planet, with her big load of enthusiasm and energy always propelling others towards their goals in some way or the other. 'Becoming' – a documentary on her life would have been a great opportunity for people who already know her and would love to dig into her life a little more. But unfortunately, the film doesn’t offer much and just decides to sit down as a really long and interview of sorts, discussing topics at random.

'Becoming' aims at becoming a registry of Michelle Obama’s life incidents that bring in everything from her very first reaction after the election to her early days with Barack Obama, her life as the first lady and her family as well. But somewhere after the first 40 minutes, a feeling of emptiness starts to creep in as we get doubts on where the film is heading. Director Nadia Hallgren manages to pull in your attention with the way she starts the show, but thereon, the incidents come forward in an unstructured format which makes it easy to lose the way.

Folks would have fallen in love with Michelle Obama’s way of life, her superb sense of humour and the ability to carry off one of the world’s most popular roles with elegance through her interviews and interactions earlier, but the space that ‘Becoming’ had to explore was, of course, the hidden sides such as family, her close-knit set of friends and her relationship with Barack Obama. Though the film does do that in bits and pieces, it doesn’t quite leave an impact with many of the revelations, making the viewer ponder about whether there was something interesting in the first place.

However, the positive aspects of the show remain with Michelle Obama herself taking the onus to put forth her strong viewpoints on black people, the voting structure and the way she looks at life hereon. The essence of her lifestyle is spread out well over its runtime of 89 minutes, with little anecdotes, reactions, incidents from her life and the highly enjoyable Obama moments.

Do I recommend it?
For those who really don’t know much about the First Lady, ‘Becoming’ could prove to be a fairly likeable introduction to her life. But if you are looking some really insightful and inspiring, this is not the right place to be in.


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