Before Netflix and Prime, Hulu becomes the first OTT to launch this feature. Check it out!

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Before Netflix and Prime, Hulu becomes the first OTT to launch this feature. Check it out!

We are very sure that at least 60% of LetOTT Subscribers would be using Watch Party feature from a third party website. What if the Service Provider gives you on the site itself? Exciting isn't it?

Hulu, the American based streaming portal is springing to examine a Watch Party feature that’ll allow its subscribers to concurrently witness a show or movie while hanging out in a group chat room.

Watch parties have become recently very prevalent over the past couple of months as buddies and family who are social distancing survey for new ways to connect. The services that permitted those watch parties are third-party offerings as there isn’t a built-in way to stream Netflix or Disney Plus with a compatriot.

For the Record, we would like to say, HULU’S THE FIRST MAJOR SERVICE TO ESTABLISH THE INNOVATION IN ON ITS OWN. The peculiarity was launched a couple of days back, but its availability is perversely very limited for the time being. Hulu has kept it restricted to web users, and they have to subscribe to Hulu’s pricier ad-free plan. 

An official from Hulu spoke, "Thousands of movies and shows support watch parties. People with entree to the peculiarity will see a “Watch Party” icon on the specifications page of supported films and shows. They’ll then be given a link they can send to spirits they want to view along with. Those people must also be using Hulu’s website and have an ad-free subscription."

He concluded, "The feature allows the audience to text each other in a shared group chat that arrives beside the video they’re viewing. Users can separately manage their playback if they need to interrupt, and a “click to catch up” key will let them clasp back to where the gathering is if they want to sync up again."

While Hulu is the first superior streaming platform to extend a built-in peculiarity, watch parties have survived in some configuration before now. There is an accumulation of unofficial services that offer this for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more.
It is to be noted that some streaming services, like HBO, have also started to associate with organisations for more official watch party expiations. And the BBC has inaugurated to mount out a mechanism that works crosswise several of its own pulpits. Some services already have platform-level watch party traits, though they’re not wholly as general-purpose as Hulu’s offering. Amazon, for instance, allows its Prime shows to be seen in Watch Parties, but they have to be hosted by someone who's streaming it in Twitch.

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