Behind Her Eyes Review

A mini series that keeps you pinned and throws up some crazy twists!

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Behind Her Eyes Review
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What is the story about?

Behind Her Eyes is the story of a three-way-tie between Louise (Simona Brown), David (Tom Bateman) and Adele (Eve Hewson), who become entangled in a relationship of sorts. Louise first runs into David, and later realizes that he is her boss. Adele is David’s wife, who Louise later meets, only to be introduced into a sparkling new world that has many hidden truths and consequences.


Behind Her Eyes begins narrating its points at its own pace, as the first two episodes are slowly put together with loads of details being put out with respect to the 3 characters in the frame. Only as we move deeper into the series, we are led to some inconvenient truths between the characters, any of which will be a spoiler if said out here. The series does look like it is getting too predictable until the 5th episode, despite being an engaging fare. But the makers pull a rabbit out of the hat in the final episode, ending on a funny note. The climax reveals of the show put it on a polarized stage, where the viewer will either be left with a baffled reaction, or end up liking the show to the fullest.


Simona Brown is undoubtedly the best amidst the three, giving in a power-packed performance that has multiple shades. Tom Bateman has a stylish presence which is the role’s requirement, while Eve Hewson does a good job with sparks of brilliance here and there. The rest of the cast including Robert Aramayo contribute well to the show’s totality.

Music & Other Departments

The show has a striking score, with the visuals too living up to the standards of premier shows that the platform has.


The slow-burn effect of the show that comes up in the latter half is real good.


The climax of the show definitely will leave you in two thoughts.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. It had its dull moments, but worked out fine overall.

Do I recommend it?

Netflix delivers another good mini series that is not perfect but engaging enough.

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